How Long Does It Take For Lexapro To Work (And Why)?

Exact Time: Up to 6 weeks

Depression is a very big cause of many health disorders in today’s world. Many folks are suffering from depression and searching for an antidepressant medicine to overcome mental issues. Lexapro is an outstanding antidepressant medicine brand name with very effective results. The most surprising thing about Lexapro is that it will take some time to work.

Lexapro takes around 6 weeks to show its effectiveness. This medication is required to be taken after the doctor’s recommendation. You should go through a full-body check-up before trying out the anti-depressant.

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How Long Does It Take For Lexapro To Work?

Tablet form5 to 20 mg
Liquid form5 to 20 drops (1 drop is equal to 1 mg)

Escitalopram is a very good antidepressant that helps in recovering from mental health problems (depression). Lexapro is renowned as SSRI (serotonin reuptake inhibitor) and is available in many brands. Some people use Escitalopram for obsessive-compulsive disorder. The medication is used for anxiety, stress, and many other mental problems. Traditional anti-depressant was loaded with many side effects, but Lexapro will not have many repercussions (side effects).

The best part about taking this antidepressant is the availability of the dosage in both liquid and tablet form. You can drink and eat this antidepressant, as both work equally for mental health. The antidepressant is not available without any doctor’s prescription. The medication comes with many side effects, but the doctor may suggest you a suitable dosage for avoiding side effects.

Headaches (or nausea) are some of the most noticed (Expected) side effects of Cipralex (the brand name of Escitalopram). Adults (above 18 years) can take the antidepressant if prescribed by the doctor.

If someone is already allergic to the medication, they shouldn’t take the dosage, as it will bring huge repercussions. People who have seizure symptoms should avoid taking this antidepressant, as it may increase the chances more of seizures. You should avoid Escitalopram if you have any kind of heart issues (diseases). People with diabetes should not take Escitalopram, as it would not help in controlling the increased blood sugar level.

The antidepressant medicine should not be taken more than one time a day. The medicine could be taken without or with food, but you should talk to your doctor about how to take the medicine.

Why It Takes This Long For Lexapro To Work?

The working structure of Lexapro is designed for helping with problems such as anxiety and stress. The medicine takes some time to fix your mind. It will take 4 to 6 weeks for showing its effects. This is the same for many other antidepressants available on the market. The antidepressant medicine needs some time to show its effectiveness in healing the mind.

You can’t expect an instant result or the effects of this antidepressant medicine. People that suffer from antidepressants should take the medicine in the morning so that it would allow them to sleep properly at night. The strength of the antidepressant would not be the same for all the patients. The strength of the medicine would vary from 5 to 20 mg.

People who have liver issues should not increase their medicine strength by more than 10 mg. Not everyone would require a similar dosage, as it would be different for various issues.


Antidepressant medicines are not supposed to be taken by everyone. If you forget to take a dose of this antidepressant any day, then you shouldn’t take overdose yourself with the medicine. The medicine is required to be taken once a day and shouldn’t be taken twice.

You should check the instructions mentioned in the outer packaging of the antidepressant to avoid any confusion about the medicine. The usage and dosage may vary for the antidepressant with different brands to some extent. Antidepressant medicine would have many side effects if you don’t follow the instruction for taking it properly.

The instructions should be strictly followed if you want to take them correctly.


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