How Long Does it Take for Prescription Glasses to be Ready – (And Why)?

How Long Does it Take for Prescription Glasses to be Ready – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2-3 weeks

Statistics show that 75% of the population requires vision adjustment, this high number includes the people born with poor vision, and age-related loss of focus flexibility as well as, the effect of the increase in the time spent watching screens. When you have a vision problem, you will want to get prescription glasses to help you out.

How Long Does it Take for Prescription Glasses to be Ready

How long does it take for prescription glasses to be ready?

Typically, it takes 2-3 weeks for your prescription glasses to be ready. This amount of time will be determined by the complexity of your order and the location you place your order. For priority production, the glasses take 1-2 weeks to be ready.

The different variables included in the making of vision lenses determine the amount of time you will need to wait for your prescription to be ready. The first variable is the prescription, your prescription is unique, and the next is the lens material and lastly the lens coating not to forget choosing the frame. All these variations with thousands of options take time to produce.

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Some shops need to send your prescription to their optical lab, which in some cases is not located in the US. If the optical lab is located in China for example, then it will take your lens about two weeks to be produced and shipped back to the US.

Why does it take this long for prescription glasses to be ready?

In the current times, we are used to getting what we order on demand, for example, you order an item on Amazon you get it at your doorstep in three days, you order an Uber and its available in minutes, this form of instant gratification may hinder one from understanding why the prescription glasses are taking this long to be ready.

The truth is that the process of making your glasses can be complicated; the first step is to pick a blank lens which is then shaved down to match your prescription. The shaved lens is then inserted in a machine that polishes the lens to make it clear. Then the coating process, where the lens is coated with the coatings you requested. These coatings could be anti-scratch, anti-reflective, mirror among others.

The coating is done by a heat and vacuum technology machine to ensure the lens has a smooth surface. The lens is then edged to shape it into the frame you chose, and then mounted on the frame and your prescription glasses are good to go. The glasses are then subjected to a quality check to ensure they are what you ordered; finally, the shop will call you and let you know the glasses are ready for you to collect.

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When it comes to vision lenses, they are unlike any other products people buy in a shop or online, there are thousands of combinations to choose from. This high number of options make it virtually impossible to stock them, thus once you submit your prescription you will have to wait for your specific lens to be made for you.


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  1. It is important for people to understand that the process is not as simple as ordering from Amazon and waiting for the delivery. The vision lens process is complex and delicate, and people with poor vision need to be aware of this.

    1. You are right, the complexity involved in making prescription glasses should be highlighted more to create awareness among people.

  2. The time taken for prescription glasses to be ready is quite reasonable considering the complexity of the process. People should be patient and understand the effort it takes to make them.

    1. Yes, patience is key when it comes to prescription glasses. The more people understand the complexity, the more they will appreciate the end product.

  3. Given the intricate process involved in making prescription glasses, it’s understandable why it takes time. People need to be aware of this before making their order.

  4. This article does a great job of explaining the complexity of the process involved in making prescription glasses. The detailed explanation is very helpful for people to understand the waiting time required.

    1. Absolutely, the more people understand the process, the more they can appreciate the time it takes to produce prescription glasses.

  5. The detailed explanation of the lens production process helps to justify the waiting time for prescription glasses. This article provides valuable insight into the complexity of the production.

    1. Absolutely, the more knowledge people have about the production process, the more they can appreciate the effort and time involved.

  6. The comparison with the instant gratification of online orders is quite thought-provoking. It’s important for people to realize that prescription glasses are different in nature and require time and effort to produce.

    1. Absolutely, the analogy with other instant orders makes it clear that prescription glasses are specialized and require a different treatment in terms of timing.

  7. The process of making prescription glasses is quite intricate and most people are not aware of it, articles like this help to shed light on the complexity involved.

    1. Absolutely, the more information people have about the process, the better they can understand and appreciate the effort that goes into making prescription glasses.

  8. The need for specific production of prescription glasses based on individual prescriptions is a crucial point highlighted in this article. This is important for people to realize before ordering their glasses.

    1. Yes, the point about each prescription being unique and requiring specific production is essential for customers to understand the waiting time involved.

  9. The detailed explanation of the process is very informative, and it allows people to have a better understanding of why the wait for prescription glasses is necessary.

    1. Knowledge about the complexity of the process is essential for customers to appreciate the final product.

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