How Long do Cigars Last – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 12-24 months

Asking the question of how long cigars last might seem like a very tricky question that you still need to ask it either way as it is a genuine question that needs an appropriate answer.

When you are storing your cigars, you need to consider the humidor, with this the duration that your cigar can last for and remain in excellent condition.

Therefore, in this article, we will take you through a comprehensive guide on how long cigars last.

How Long do Cigars Last

How long does a cigar last?

Cigar Storage TypeLifespan
Room Temperature2 to 3 days 
Humidifying Devices12 to 24  months 
HumistatsAbout 5 years
Sponges or Paper Towels2 to 3 days

A humidor is a humid controlled box used for storing cigars, and with it in-store be assured your cigar can last for as long as five good years.

Cigar Humidor

Thus, you need to have a humidor of exceptional quality. Several factors determine how long your humidor can make your cigar last, these include;

Humidor set up

After setting up your humidor, and you need to confirm it works properly by checking it out more frequently to verify its working condition.

This will make your cigar last for some good time since your humidor will necessitate minimal maintenance.

Aerate your humidor

It is recommended that your humidor is well ventilated to deliver better performance.

This means that ventilation should be at its maximum level to guarantee that the aeration level is at optimum.

If your humidor is not well ventilated, you need to have it opened monthly to allow fresh air inside it.

Air is crucial in a humidor, and this subsequently will determine how long your cigar will take.

Categorize your cigars using a divider

It is appropriate you divide your cigars very differently according to the type you have for easier identification.

Categorizing them together can lower their flavor and scents; hence, you are encouraged to use dividers always.

Also, come with dividers to separate your cigars always to distinguish them from one another.


Make sure you calibrate your hygrometer to read the humidity level appropriately in the humidor. In case it is not accurate, it is advisable you have it replaced. However, you should also note that fluctuations in humidity can destroy your cigars. Therefore, your humidity level should be around 70%, and this is a vital factor in determining how long your cigar can last.


The temperature level of your humidor should be 21 degrees; therefore, it is appropriate to ensure that it is kept at a constant level at all times.

It will probably help your cigar retain its freshness for a maximum period of about 12 to 24 months.

Also, so long as long as the temperature is level is not interfered with, cigars can last for a period of up to 5 years.



From the above information, you now understand how it well you need to store your cigar as this determines how long it can last.

Therefore, it is recommended that you put the factors mentioned above into consideration during the storage process.

These factors will be of benefit to you so that you do not lose your valuable cigars.

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