How Long Does it Take to Get Used to New Glasses – (And Why)?

How Long Does it Take to Get Used to New Glasses – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 weeks

If you have an eyesight problem, you are among the thousands of people across the globe with this issue, which becomes more prevalent among the old. There are different reasons why you could get new glasses, and the numerous factors include outdated glasses, experiencing headaches, and your glasses being out of fashion.

Therefore, it comes a time when you have to replace your glasses no matter how much you are used to them.

However, make sure your optometrist gives you a prescription before acquiring new glasses.

How Long Does it Take to Get Used to New Glasses

How long does it take to get used to new glasses?

Most opticians will tell you it takes at most two to three days to adjust to new glasses, and the adjustment period may, on rare occasions, takes up to 2 weeks.

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Additionally, there are numerous factors which determine how long it will take to get the new glasses including;

  • The duration you wear your glasses– How do you put on your pair of glasses, that is, on specific occasions or all the time?

This will help establish how long the adjustment process will take.

  • How significant is the change in prescription – If your optician has made a great change in prescription of your glasses, then it will take you a longer duration to adjust to new lenses.

Nevertheless, fewer prescriptions will take you a small period to get used to your glasses. Therefore, it all depends on the doctor’s prescription.

  • Change of lens– The type of lens you use is a determinant factor of how long it will take you to adjust to it.

Thus, your eye professional should be able to prescribe the best lens for you. This will make you not to strain and develop complications.

Why does it take that long to get used to new glasses?

Various factors affect the duration which you get used to your new glasses. These are;

  • Distortion – When you acquire new glasses, objects might seem distorted. You will experience this depending on how distant you are from the object. Your viewing might change slightly hence taking long for you to adjust to your pair of glass.
  • Depth of field perception – The ability to determine the distance between the objects. This determines why it takes a specified duration to adapt to new glasses. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in adjustment. The ability to perceive depth entail space perception.
  • Experiencing complications such as headache – This is the most common complication that comes along with changing glasses.

With your eye not used the type of lens on your glasses, you are likely to experience a headache. This might also slow down the duration that you could take to adjust to new glasses.

  • Eye strain – You might experience some good straining if you use new glasses in the first few days.

Additionally, sometimes, your eyes might drop tears but later adjust pretty well. This also determines how long it will take you to adjust to it.


From the information discussed above, you now know how long it takes to adjust to new glasses and why.

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Thus, you will be able to mentally prepare yourself as you to get used to your new set of glasses, and there is no exception to this when you acquire new glasses. Fortunately, this only goes on for a short duration.

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    Very insightful and gives a clear understanding of why the adjustment period varies for new glasses.

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