How Long Does It Take For Sperm To Build Back Up After Ejaculating (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Approximately 64 – 74 Days

Ejaculation is a process that happens in males wherein there is a discharge of fluid containing sperms, known as semen, from the male reproductory tract as a response to orgasm. Ejaculation may also happen during sleep. It is an essential constituent of natural conception. Ejaculation is very pleasurable for men.

Sperms cells that are stored inside the male body are immobile because of the acidity of the accompanying fluids. Thus, during ejaculation, the sperms in the semen are expelled from the body.

A usual precursor to ejaculation is majorly erection in men due to sexual arousal, but not every arousal or erection leads to ejaculation. Men expel about 40% or more of total semen discharge during ejaculation. However, the amount of sperm in ejaculation varies widely from person to person, depending on myriad factors. Generally, greater periods of sexual stimulation preceding ejaculation can result in a high concentration of sperms.

How Long Does It Take For Sperm To Build Back Up After Ejaculating

How Long Does It Take For Sperm To Build Back Up After Ejaculating?

Males produce sperms every day, but the entire process of sperm regeneration from start to finish takes about 64 – 74 days. This whole process of sperm regeneration is termed spermatogenesis. In simple words, this process can be described as the complete cycle concerned with the production of sperms. Through this process, the male body is incessantly supplied with sperms that can travel and leave the male body and fertilize the ovum present in the ovaries.

Several million new sperms are produced constantly by the male testicles in about 1,500 per second. Towards the end of spermatogenesis, the testicles produce regenerate about 8 billion sperms. There are about 20 to 300 million sperm cells in a single milliliter of semen.

Constant regeneration of sperms fills the epididymis with fresh sperms. The longer the sperms are left to build up, the greater are the chances of a high sperm count in a single ejaculation. On the other hand, frequent ejaculations can considerably lower the sperm count.

Sperm generation duration according to tritium-labeled biopsies64 – 74 days
Sperm generation duration according to DNA clock measurements120 days

Why Does It So Long For Sperm To Build Back Up After Ejaculating?

Even though a male body constantly produces sperms, the process of sperm regeneration does not happen in a minute. The process by which the body makes sperms, called spermatogenesis, is not immediate and takes several days. Although the average time is said to be 64 days to produce new sperms from beginning to end, the actual period varies from individual to individual. The process may be shorter or longer depending upon the individual’s lifestyle.

Firstly, it takes about 50 days for the development of sperms in male testicles. After that, the sperms move to the ducts behind the testicles called the epididymis, that store and transports sperms. It takes around 14 days for the sperms to get matured in the epididymis.

When the pituitary gland secretes luteinizing hormone, also known as LH, the Leydig cells make testosterone. An issue with any hormone might cause haywire that could potentially affect the rate at which the male body produces sperms, thereby slowing the process of spermatogenesis. Thus, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a must for everyone.

It is also pertinent to know that the sperm dies within few minutes outside the male body. However, it can stay alive further for 3 – 5 days inside a female’s body if is to be used in fertilizing the egg present in ovaries.


The male body produces sperms daily and it gets replenished at least every 64 days. Although the number of days can vary from person to person as it depends on the diet of the male, physical activity, health condition, etc. But the efficient process of spermatogenesis ensures that there is a sufficient supply of sperm at any point given time.

To keep sperm healthy, men should eat well, stay active, and avoid all unhealthy behaviors as they can become detrimental to sperm’s health. One must always remember that the quality and quantity of sperm will always get affected by the diet and lifestyle one adopts.


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