How Long Does it take to Build a Gaming PC (And Why)?

How Long Does it take to Build a Gaming PC (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 Hours

Gaming today has become one of the most entertaining forms for both the player and the viewer. People have started making millions of dollars just by streaming the gameplay. But to play such heavy games and stream them, they need to invest money on a good gaming pc.

The construction and assembly of the pc are significant to many people, and streamers and gamers assemble their pc. The assembly can take a lot of time if done by an amateur. Many components go into the construction of pc, and significant time is devoted to the cooling system used.

Therefore, time taken completely depends upon the system, the person and the pc size.

How Long Does it take to Build a Gaming PC

How Long Does It Take to Build a Gaming PC?

Many components go into the making of the gaming pc, and the assembly of them is how long it takes.

The components are motherboard, CPU, GPU, memory or RAM, storage, power supplying unit, gaming peripherals, Pc case and cooling system.

The cooling system adds to the construction as the cooler used in the pc that depends totally on the user. The cooling system is the most critical component as playing heavy games on the computer heats the CPU.

The assembly is done on the motherboard into the pc case. All the components like RAM and graphics card are added to the motherboard using the screws and screwdriver present with the components in the pack.

The time taken can entirely depend upon the size, person assembling and type of cooling system used. A professional can ultimately make the pc within an hour, but an amateur can go up to 4 hours. 

The size also plays a significant role; the more extensive the motherboard’s size, the less time it will take as the person gets ample space to work upon, whereas the small motherboard makes the work area congested.

The cooling system makes all the difference if using a standard cooling fan added to the motherboard from the power supply that makes the pc cool at a moderate level but the liquid cooling system that uses water or other liquids to cool pc enclosed in a case.

Type of Cooling SystemAmateurProfessionals
Fans45 Minutes15 Minutes
Liquid Cooling2 Hours1 Hour
Heat Sinks1 Hour30 Minutes

Why Does It Take 3 Hours to Build the PC?

Construction of the gaming PC can be a lot complex and time-consuming at the same time. The time taken completely depends upon the size of the pc, made by whom and the type of cooling system used, where cooling plays the central role.

Many cooling types are used in the PC, and they are- liquid cooling, fan cooling and heat sinks, where all cooling systems play a dominant and different role altogether.

Liquid cooling is the most complex in terms of setting. Two containers of water are set onto the GPU because that is where most cooling is required. All the water tubes are then passed along the pc case walls throughout; the lines are made of a particular structure that releases cool air across the system; the liquid doesn’t leak in any way.

Fans are the same that has always been used in the pc for a long time, but fans that are manufactured today are very high-speed fans and are permanently installed in series like a series of six, three above, and three under to keep the system cool.

Heat sinks are a unique instrument installed along with the other cooling components like liquid cooling and heat sink. It is established to provide extra cooling to a particular component, specifically the GPU.

The heat sink is applied using copper wire and thermal paste. The paste is applied to the component, and the wire is installed on the other end; the heat is collected and carried away via the copper, copper being a good conductor of heat.


Gaming today has become the most excellent form of entertainment where people have started making a fortune. But having a great gaming pc is very important for the games to run correctly without lagging.

Building a pc can be complex and time-consuming at the same time. Complex as assembling the components can be complicated for an amateur, time-consuming as well. Still, the most time-consuming part is installing the cooling system in the pc as keeping the pc cooled up all the time is significant.

Using different cooling systems is all up to the user, but the additional cooling system can add to the time when liquid cooling consumes the most time. 



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