How Long Does It Take to Beat Birth By Sleep (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 73 hours

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep is a game produced by Square Enix Product Development Divison. It is a role-playing game developed as a prequel to The Kingdom Hearts Series.

It has hack and slashes elements that facilitate users to customize their Deck Commands. It is quite different from the other games of its series in the way that it does not have Magic Points to be used for spells or magic casting.

Instead, it uses the Focus system, which is available as an orange gauge in the player’s interface. With the help of this system, the player can perform the Shotlock technique and enter into the single-player mode to target enemies according to their respective magic spells.

This game even has other special features like Command Board and Dimension Link which may prove beneficial to the players.

How Long Does It Take to Beat Birth By Sleep

How Long Does It Take to Beat Birth By Sleep?

Levels PlayedTime Taken
Main Story29 hrs.
Mains + Extras43 hrs.
Completionists73 hrs.
All playstyles39 hrs.

The game has separate scenes, with three separate characters: Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. To beat the game, one has to beat these three characters individually.

In the beginning 10 minutes of the play, the gameplay is the same for every character chosen. But, after that, the plot of the game varies according to the scenario and character chose.

Each of the three characters has its respective powers and abilities. While Terra proves to be the most powerful one concerning physical damage, Ventus turns out to be the fastest character. Contrary to both, Aqua turns out to be a magic specialist.

It is recommended to choose the characters in the order of Terra, Ventus, and Aqua to understand the plot of the story. After completing and beating the three scenarios comprising of the three characters, one unlocks the story’s final chapter.

Within the game, the player has to pass through various worlds named like Dwarf Woodlands from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs. There are even other such worlds that have been newly added to this prequel.

Why Does It Take So Long To Beat Birth By Sleep?

The story is set in the Land Of Departure. Aqua, Terra, and Ventus aim to achieve the name and fame of Keyblade Masters. They are being trained under the guidance of Master Eraqus.

To reach their aim, all the three main characters have to go through the Mark of Mastery Exam. Initially, Terra and Aqua plan to take the test together but they start fighting in the later phase. As a result of this, Aqua successfully clears the test while Terra fails due to the cloud of sadness cast over his head and heart.

In the later part of the game plot, one can see a group of peculiar creatures known as Unversed arrives who mark the disappearance of Xenahort, a Keyblade master. After this, Terra is sent to kill and perish these peculiar creatures and find the missing Keyblade Master.

On moving to the other worlds, the three central characters encounter various Disney characters like Micky Mouse. Finally, Terra meets the evil Disney characters, who lure him with information related to Master Xenahort in exchange for some devil help.

Aqua and Ven being true friends of Terra get concerned about him when they hear of his alliance with the evil Disney characters. The three friends finally meet each other at Radiant Garden where Aqua and Ven try to make Terra realize his mistake.

But, Terra stays away from them to conceal his growing powers. Then, the game shifts to the world of Destiny Islands. Terra and Aqua meet two youngsters named Sora and Riku.

They form strong bonds together and Riku has the potential to of wielding the keyblade. Finally, they meet Master Xehanort, who desires to use Ven’s heart to prepare a keyblade.


Birth by Sleep is an amazing video game with deep touching graphics and campaigns. One has to serve the role of three characters individually to know the stories on their part.

People have loved it for its graphics, combat skills. It is even known for its story.

The visuals are mind captivating with a customisable command deck. Its battle system has a lot of elements that assist the player in going through the play and beating it easily.

While it takes 39 hours to complete the game, it completely depends on the ability and skill of the player which helps them in tackling the game within the shortest possible time.


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