How Long to Beat Tales of Berseria (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 170 hours

Tales of Berseria or Teiruzu Obu Beruseria is a Japanese action video game developed by Bandai Namco Studios. It supports Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4. It’s the sixteenth Mothership title in the Tales series.

The protagonist is a young woman named Velvet. The game embarks on the journey of Velvet and her conflict between emotion and reason. The game is a prequel to the fifteenth title in the Tales series, called Tales of Zestiria. This edition of the Mothership title is the only one that features a female protagonist in a central role. The game also had an average rating of 8/10 on multiple game review websites.

How Long to Beat Tales of Berseria

How Long to Beat Tales of Berseria?

PC43h 57m68h 10m169h 18m
PlayStation 348h 30m70h103h 46m
PlayStation 447h 08m71h 57m176h 22m

The time required for the average completion of the game is about 46 hours for the main contents of the game. After that, the side quests along with the main mission have an average completion time of about 70 hours. Finally, 100% completion of the game which includes all side missions and collectibles, requires about 170 hours.  

 All this timing doesn’t matter as these are rushed through timings. A gamer can take as much time they want to explore the immense attention to detail this game offers. This game is the only one in the Tales series to set to have the most extended main story. The stunning visuals created during those times would give any games of those times a run for their money. The emotional story of Velvet also plays a huge role in the content. 

 This game features a gripping main story, along with some side quests, optional bosses, minigames, hidden areas, and so on. This additional content makes sure that the gamers have an amazing gaming experience in playing this RPG title.  

 Since this game’s battles could be played on local Co-op mode, this would make a great game to spend time with family and friends.  The Co-op mode had a collective gameplay timing of about 68 hours to almost 80 hours. 

 The fastest gameplay speed run for this game is recorded at 4h 19m 26s set by a gamer with a Gamertag called Kanayami from Japan. The next best run is at 4h 20m 7s. 

Why Does it Take Long to Beat Tales of Berseria?

This game has solid gameplay considering all the other Tales titles. This also has much more gameplay content than its prequel, Tales of Zestiria.

As told earlier, the amount of time taken to complete the game is solely based on the gamer. The difficulty option is chosen from the beginning of the game also matters. A gamer who just needs to speed through the main story could complete the game in no less than about 45 hours. But an interested gamer who plays all the side quests can still play about 30 hours’ worth of content.

The biggest flex is that a completionists gamer has almost 170 hours’ worth of content in the game. This could very much satisfy any purist gamers.

This is also the first game in the series to allow multiple DLC costume colors. This game also introduced the “cooking process” to level up a character faster.

Unlike its prequel Tales of Zestiria, this game does not have multiple endings. This is good for some gamers and some others dislike this because of missing out on possible gameplays in having multiple gameplays.

Most people take time in playing this game because this is much darker and more mature when compared to other Tales series games. The proficiency with which Velvet streams through the story adds a good flavor to the game.

The main story consists of many cut scenes which makes the game so much interesting for everyone to know the complete story. This game also features a slew of really great OSTs which is so pleasing and appealing to hear.


Nowadays Japanese manga, anime, and even games are praised for their great captivating storyline and attention to detail of their graphics. Since this game became one of the best in their series, it even has a manga adaptation.
This game is considered one of the absolute best in the Mothership of Tales titles. Many gaming pundits place this game as one of the top 3 games in the series. This is because it gives the gamers what they wanted in previous Tales series games.
The time to finish the game doesn’t matter because this game offers a great gaming experience in every stage of gaming.



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  1. While the completion time may seem daunting, it’s indicative of the incredible depth and complexity this game has to offer. A captivating odyssey worth every minute.

    1. Absolutely, Kadams. This game is a testament to the unwavering dedication of the developers in creating an immersive and unforgettable experience.

    2. Well said, Kadams. It’s refreshing to see a game with such a rich narrative and extensive gameplay elements. A real gem in the world of RPGs.

  2. The lengthy completion time for 100% is indeed a testament to the vast amount of content and high replay value this game offers. A masterpiece in storytelling and gameplay.

    1. Indeed, Yvette91. It’s an extraordinary game that immerses players in its world for countless hours, making it well worth the time investment.

    2. I guess those who are up to the challenge of 100% completion will be in for an epic journey. Sounds irresistible!

  3. The optional boss battles, minigames, and hidden areas make this game an absolute joy for completionists and explorers. A truly fulfilling and enriching gaming adventure.

    1. Indeed, Wmorgan. The game’s world is teeming with secrets and challenges, ensuring that players always have something new to discover.

    2. Absolutely, Wmorgan. It’s a game that rewards curiosity and thorough exploration, making it a standout in the RPG genre.

  4. The extensive main story, side quests, and additional content make this game an enthralling and rewarding experience for dedicated players. A true triumph in RPG gaming.

    1. Well put, Sabrina Walsh. It’s a game that respects the time and investment of players, delivering a rich and expansive world to explore.

    2. Absolutely, Sabrina Walsh. The depth and breadth of content in this game are a testament to the developers’ commitment to delivering an unparalleled RPG experience.

  5. The sheer scale of the game’s content and the emotional depth of Velvet’s journey make this a standout title in the Tales series. A compelling and rich gaming experience.

    1. Absolutely, Anderson Kirsty. The game’s world and characters are beautifully crafted, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

  6. The rich, complex, and mature storytelling of Tales of Berseria sets it apart from other games in the series, offering a darker and more emotionally resonant experience. A true masterpiece.

    1. Absolutely, Qwright. The narrative depths of this game are truly remarkable, solidifying its status as a must-play for RPG enthusiasts.

  7. This game offers an unprecedented experience for RPG enthusiasts, from the captivating story of Velvet to the impressive visuals and gameplay. A truly groundbreaking title for the Tales series.

    1. Absolutely, Xward. The depth of the narrative and the sheer amount of content are unparalleled. It’s a must-play for any RPG fan.

  8. The local Co-op mode adds another layer of enjoyment to the gameplay experience, allowing friends and family to partake in this epic adventure together.

    1. Precisely, Maisie Palmer. It’s a game that fosters camaraderie and shared experiences, making it an excellent choice for cooperative play.

    2. Couldn’t agree more. The collaborative gameplay elements of this game enhance the overall experience for players, creating cherished memories for all involved.

  9. The depth of storytelling, the breadth of content, and the emotional resonance of the protagonist’s journey are second to none. A truly magnificent title in the RPG genre.

    1. Indeed, Ntaylor. It’s a game that elevates the entire RPG landscape with its masterful storytelling and engaging gameplay.

    2. Couldn’t agree more. This game sets a new standard for narrative-driven RPGs, and it’s a true masterpiece that should be celebrated.

  10. The varied difficulty options and multiple DLC features cater to a wide range of players, ensuring that everyone can tailor their experience to their preferences. A game that truly respects its audience.

    1. Absolutely, Butler Faye. The game’s flexibility and inclusivity are commendable, making it accessible and engaging for all types of gamers.

    2. Well said, Butler Faye. It’s heartening to see a game that prioritizes player choice and customization, fostering a welcoming and enjoyable environment for all.

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