How Long Does It Take To Get Over Someone (And Why)?

Exact Time: Up to 2 years

Breakup takes time, as it is difficult to get over someone. Some people may get over someone within few months, while others may take about 2 years. It depends on the person’s capacity to handle things in a better way. A person with a strong personality may get over someone within weeks. A person with emotional factors may take time to heal completely.

People with mental health problems may take a longer time to get over someone. The reason for the breakup is another important factor that may influence the time required to get over someone.

How Long Does It Take To Get Over Someone

How Long Does It Take To Get Over Someone?

Heartbreaks Healing Time
Low-Intensity Heartbreaks Up to 11 months
High-Intensity HeartbreaksUp to 2 years

Heartbreaks are very difficult for both physical and mental health. The person needs mental and physical strength to get over the issues of breakup (heartbreak). The time for getting over the grief and loss would require some time. You can’t say any specific time required for getting back to your normal life after a huge loss.

Don’t expect a definitive answer, as everyone’s reason behind heartbreak is different. The intensity of loss is another factor that is different for people. It’s difficult to get over someone whom you have been with for years together. Every time you try to overcome all the loss, then the memories will start coming to your mind. You will heal with passing time, but you need to show some strength.

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Some people believe that the healing period requires around half of the time spent with the person. The person will have to forget all the memories that come into the mind of the person. There are many stages, you have to follow while trying to forget someone. There are no specific recovery guidelines or ideas. You have to fix your head and make a constant thought.

You have to make your mind that you want to get over the person. You can get over the person if you keep your mind strong and clear. There will be many things that could divert you from getting over the person. Once you fix the mind to do so, then you can do it for sure. Some people suffer after a breakup, even more than 2 years.

There are people suffering their whole life after a heartbreak. Strength plays a very important role in helping to get over someone. Mental and physical strength are the pillar of the healing period.

Why Does It Take This Long To Get Over Someone?

A solid endpoint is the core principle that would help in getting over someone. There are people trying to get over someone, but the emotional factors and memories come as obstacles in the way. Many people go through the depression phase after getting heartbreak. The following factors affect how long a healing period would take:

The memories of the relationships.

The emotional factors and attachments.

The capability of the person to move on.

The mental strength of the person to handle things.

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For example, if you are the type of person who is emotionally attached to someone will take a lot of time to get over memories. Someone who is very practical and tackles things in a strong head manner will overcome such emotional memories (and person). Many people experience health issues after a heartbreak.

The increase in health problems in your body will cause a delay in the healing process. You can try doing some external things to support the healing process. You can do the following things to get yourself in a better situation:

Try doing mediation every day, as it will increase your mental capability to fight tough situations.

Maintain a healthy diet for making yourself fit, both internally and externally.

Try to be productive and positive with your attitude.


The heartbreaks are extremely painful and may cause an immense loss in your life. The repercussions of heartbreaks will destroy your life if you won’t control it at the initial stage. You can make your own battle easy by accepting the things as it is.



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