How Long Is Beer Good For (And Why)?

Exact Time: Up to 6 Months

Beer has immense health benefits, as it goes under a nutritious drink for people. This doesn’t mean you have to overload yourself with beer intake. You can take the beer as per requirement, then it would make your body filled with health benefits. There are many myths about beer and people should understand the actual health benefits of the beer before using it.

Beer is very good and nutritious food that would bring many health benefits to your body. There were misconceptions about beer that it would have repercussions for your body. There are people who avoid drinking beer, as they find it an alcoholic addiction.
The beer could not last more than 6 months, as it has some guidelines regarding the same.

Sometimes, if you fridge the beer properly, then it may go beyond 2 years above the expiry rate.


How Long Is Beer Good For?

Types Of Beer How Long Is Beer Good For
AlesUp to 4 months
LagersUp to 1 year

The time for which beer could last is not an exact time. The beer will last between 6 to 24 months. Most of the beer lasts around six months, as the expiry date is around 6 months from the manufactured date. There are some beer types that will last more than 2 years. Storage of beer is a big thing to make it last for more time.

If you won’t store the beer properly then it would get worse before the expiry date. There are some conditions to be considered while storing beer in your home. Canned products and many beverages (alcoholic) are supposed to be stored in refrigerators. You should store the beer in a dry and clean place with cool climatic conditions.

Storing alcoholic beverages (beer) in the fridge (cold climate) would make it last more than the expected expiry date. It is not recommended to have the beer after the expiry date. You can have the beer even after the expiry date is gone, but if the condition of the beer is not bad.

The quality of the beer plays a huge role in determining how long the beer will last. There are some top and poor quality beers but choose the premium ones. The top-rated quality may last beyond 2 years (24 months), but don’t expect the same in the case of low-quality beer. Premium quality beer can get a little heavier on your pockets but it would bring more health benefits to your body.

Why Beer Is Good For This Long?

Beer is made by some fermentation process. The cereal grains (malted) are used for the fermentation with some addition of water and hops. The process of beer involves fermentation, therefore it has a specific time period to be used. You can be expected malted cereal grains to last for a lifetime. Beer is extremely healthy but comes with some intake restrictions.

You can’t take beer like water, as it has some side effects as well. You should limit the intake of beer to your body’s requirements. You can talk to your nutritionist for a better recommendation for how much beer would be helpful for your body. Beer will have the below-mentioned health benefits for your body and mind.

Beer would be extremely great for keeping your body away from heart diseases, as it would be very good for your heart health. Beer would help in maintaining and balancing the cholesterol level of your body, as it would reduce the level of LDL (bad cholesterol). Beer would be a boon for your kidney health, as it may help to remove any kidney stones present inside.

Beer would work as a stress buster for your mind and would help mental health.

Overall, beer would work as a powerful health weapon for your mind and body.


The intake of beer in a moderate (very less) manner would not bring any trouble to your body. You should take beer for your health and not as an addiction. Beer would stay great and fresh for around 6 months. Try to store the beer properly for avoiding any type of side effects.



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