How Long Does It Take To Get Over A Breakup (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take To Get Over A Breakup (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 to 3 Months

Breakups are one of the most depressing moments in the lives of youngsters today. They threaten their mental health and space if life is somewhat still there. However, just as nothing is permanent in this world, the pain of a breakup will die out with time.

Breakup leads to heartbreak which further leads to emotional pain and sometimes even physical. It is only natural for a person to grieve over the loss of someone that a person dearly loved or liked. Moreover, it may also happen that a person who is taking the call for a breakup, may suffer from stress and emotional fallout.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Over A Breakup?

Stage Of BreakupTime Taken
Grieving over the loss of the loved oneA month
Confronting the fact of separation21 days
Reconnecting with oneselfA month
Total time to get over a breakupNearly three months

First things first. Human beings can think differently implying that under the same situation, two different human beings react differently. Moreover, the same person may react to the same problem in different ways at different times. This makes the task of defining the time taken by an individual to overcome a breakup quite arduous.

However, based on various researches and studies, human behaviour on a breakup can be roughly analyzed at three months of total time. Moreover, these can be divided into three broad and overlapping phases. These phases are grieving at the loss of the loved one, confronting the fact of separation and reconnecting with oneself.

The general reaction in the first few weeks of the breakup is that of extreme sadness. The time is particularly rough for the heartbroken and may lead to depression if proper care is not administered by friends and family. This phase lasts for nearly a month.

Once extreme levels of sadness start receding, the person starts and tries to reconcile with the harsh fact of separation. However, there may be occasional instances of breakdown. This phase lasts for nearly 21 days as per some researches.

After the person is well-confronted with the fact of separation, they try to move on. They try to reconnect with themselves and attempt to open themselves to new relationships. This phase can take up to a month and within three months, a person is fully over the breakup.

Why It Takes So Long To Get Over A Breakup?

Love is a bond between hearts. It is described by poets and artists as a bond deeper than the deepest sea and higher than the highest mountain. This very well describes the intensity of love.

Thus, when this bond breaks, it is sure to make a big impact on the lives of both heartbroken parties. This makes the recovery period from a breakup last much longer.

However, human beings are sensitive people. They are famous for reacting to the same facets of life in different ways. It can also be that a person reacts to two different breakups at two different times in their life in different ways. Thus, no hard and fast rule can be formulated as to how long it would take a person to get over a breakup.

Although, with the help of well-observed researches, several studies have concluded that it would take at least three months to overcome a breakup. Based on these studies, it has also been seen that there might be three different phases of overcoming a breakup.

These phases may vary with people. Some people may overcome before their projected time while some may take more time to get over. Thus, getting over love is a very subjective and personal thing.


It would take nearly three months on average to get over a broken relationship for many. For many others, it can take either less or more than this to get over a breakup since love is a subjective feeling.

Love is a divine feeling. It is a very special feel which when breaks leads to many problems in the hearts and minds of loved ones.


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