How Long Does It Take To Get Ripped (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take To Get Ripped (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 15 months

Getting a ripped muscular body is not easy. To hold the physique for a long time, the person has to keep up with the diet plan and workout routine every day. Factors such as the body type, the percentage of fat, the current physical fitness, the bodyweight of the person, and the genetic factors would influence the time period to get ripped.

There is no such magic pill to get ripped in a few days, but patience and hard work are the magic words. Getting ripped would take around 15 months, and the person has to follow a specific diet for the same. The scientific approaches involved in the process should be correct.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Ripped?

Ripped Body How Long Does It Take To Get Ripped
Minimum time requirement12 months
Maximum time requirement15 months

Everyone needs to spend around 15 months getting ripped. There will be some people who will make it earlier with the two below mentioned things:
By increasing the muscle mass
To see those defined abs, muscle mass is required. Muscle mass gaining would help in making the body more ripped. If the person has less muscle mass then the person may get abs but would look skinny. Muscle mass is the only way to get the ripped and shredded look.
If the person has more fat percentage (more than 20 percent), then a weight loss journey plan is required. Getting ripped look with an extremely high-fat percentage would be herculean. So, it’s better to start with a low-fat percentage.

By decreasing the fat percentage of body

Controlling the fat of the body is important to make the muscle visible. Before starting with the ripped body journey, try to do the weight loss plan. The goal should be to get the body fat percentage below 12 percent. People with a fat percentage of less than 10 can get ripped easily.

Before making any strategy to have a ripped body, the person should clear what kind of body is required. Some people may want to own an athletic physique while others will love to go for muscle building with zero fat.

Why Does It Take This Long To Get Ripped?

Getting a ripped body depends on the person’s determination to do all the diet and exercise properly without mistakes. Two things that will increase or decrease the time required for getting ripped are:
Ripped workout
For muscle growth, training the muscles (each) at least twice every week is vital. The muscle hypertrophy would increase with proper muscle training. Many people train each muscle once a week and this will not be very effective. Try to increase the workout sets while training. The more someone will increase the number of sets, the muscle growth would become faster.

Always go for an intense workout routine if it is about the ripped body. HIIT is a good option for getting ripped in less time.

Ripped Diet

Nutrition always goes with fitness and workout. Winning the battle of getting ripped would not be possible only with a workout, but the person has to get a ripped diet. A low body fat percentage is important maintaining the ripped look for a long time. This can happen with intense workouts and diet. The dietician will plan a diet according to the fat percentage.

Make sure to now go beyond 5 percentage, as the body requires some level of fats.


The results would not be instant but would be worth each day you spent to get it. The ripped body can come after the body fat percentage is low and the workout is intense. The trainer can give you a better suggestion about all the do and don’t to get ripped body. The person has to maintain a specific diet to have the required body fat percentage.

If someone is having a high-fat percentage, then the process to get ripped would be lengthier. As the person has to go through the weight loss journey before starting with the ripped body process.



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