How Long Does Colic Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 4 months

The babies cry for many reasons such as for food, tiredness, and napkin change. Sometimes, the baby would cry without any specific reason. This may indicate colic in the baby. Colic would affect almost 20 percent of infants.

When the baby cries for normal or basic reasons, then consoling the baby would be easy. If the baby has colic, then stopping the baby from crying is herculean (or not possible). Evening and afternoon are the two most common times when babies with colic would cry.

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How Long Does Colic Last?

Colic In BabiesHow Long Does Colic Last
Minimum time3 months
Maximum time6 months

The colic will not last for more than 6 months, but some babies would be exceptional. Generally, the colic stops when the baby is 4 months old. If the colic symptoms are not gone after 6 months, then the health adviser would help. There are many symptoms of colic in babies and some of these are:
The baby would start curling up. The baby would move the legs in the upward direction like the baby is pulling the legs towards the stomach.

The stomach of the baby would show some sign of bloating or swelling. The tenderness of the stomach would be there.

The face of the baby would turn red after crying for a long time.

Consoling babies with colic is quite impossible. All the comfort you will give to the baby would not last for a long period. Some babies may have extra symptoms such as vomiting while crying.

As there is no such treatment of colic, but parents can try some ways to help their children. The colic would go by its own in 4 to 6 months. If the parents still can’t hear the child crying, can try the follwing ways:
The position of the child during feed should be straight upward. The mother should hold the child in a manner to avoid any air getting inside the mouth of the child.

Burping the baby after every feed would help in preventing any excess air inside the baby. Reducing the pressure happening on the stomach of the child would help in providing some temporary relief.

The mother should avoid caffeine and dairy products. Breastfeeding women should take care of their diet. As the baby would survive on the mother’s milk for a few months.

The colic may get triggered with the inappropriate formula feed. The mother may talk to the doctor to change the formula of the child as some babies may have colic due to allergic ingredients in the formula.

The mother can try massaging methods on their babies. Slow massage on the stomach of the babies would help in relieving any pressure on the stomach. Don’t practice massaging method when the baby is crying due to colic. The mother can try the massaging method when the child is happy and enjoying the space.

Why Does Colic Last For This Long?

To know the exact time for how long will the colic last, it’s vital to know the causes of colic. Many experts took colic as a reaction to any kind of stomach pain. The colic may happen due to the following causes:
The baby may go through some hormonal changes. These hormonal changes would disturb the condition of the stomach of the babies and would cause colic in babies.
Lactose intolerance can be a problem in many babies that will bring the problem of colic. The lactose enters through the mother milk.
Gas can be a cause of colic in babies. Extra air inside the stomach of the baby would bring the colic issue.
Acid reflux can be another cause of making the baby cry unnecessarily for a long time. The signs and symptoms of GORD and acid reflux are almost the same.
Keep the child away from smoking and tobacco area as it may disturb the health of the child.

Colic is a normal health problem that may happen in babies at the infant stage. The mother should give attention to the child. Sometimes, leaving the child or irritating the child for a long time could trigger the effects of colic. Keep the baby far from processed food as it will trigger symptoms of acid reflux.


The baby would overcome the effects of colic in 3 to 6 months. The mother can take extra care of the baby’s stomach for reducing the symptoms of colic. The condition of colic can have many other health problems. Sometimes, the babies would not take proper feed. The babies may suffer from diarrhea if affected with colic.

If the health disorders keep on increasing and become more severe with time, then consult the doctor. The doctor may give better suggestions about how to help the colic.



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