How Long After LVL Can I Wash My Face (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 48 hours

The eyes add beauty to the face. Besides vision, beauty is another purpose of the eyes. The beauty of the eyes also depends on the eyebrows and eyelashes. Everyone wishes to have long, lifted, and high-volume lashes. This enhances the look. This is the reason why mascara is used in makeup. Long, lifted and high volume lashes make an eye well defined.



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Apart from the makeup products, one can even get such long, lifted and high-volume lashes via medical processes. This process is known as LVL. LVL treatment is primarily used for adding volume to the eyelashes. It even lengthens the eyelashes and lifts them giving your eyes the perfect look.

How Long After LVL Can I Wash My Face

How Long After LVL Can I Wash My Face?

You shouldn’t wash your face for 48 hours
You shouldn’t wear mascara for 72 hours

LVL treatment is the natural way to lift your eyelashes thereby giving them a curvy appearance. It even increases the volume of eyelashes. The process involves minimal or no complications and is hassle-free. The treatment gets completed within 45 minutes. The preparation time for the time is even minimal. In addition to this, the recovery is fast as it’s not a complicated process.

During the treatment process, lifting balm is applied to your eyelashes which helps in the process of lifting. After this, a volumizing fix is used to increase the volume and density of the eyelashes. Sometimes, lash tints are also used. These help in giving your eyelashes the perfect shape and volume. This process comes with many benefits. You wouldn’t need to use extensions after the process for at least 2 to 3 months.

This process is safe for your body and your lashes. The chances of side effects are also minimal. Although after the process, you wouldn’t have to wear any kind of mascara, you can go for it if you wish to enhance your eyes further. You will also not need an eye curler for 2-3 months after the process. This process naturally curls your eyelashes.

If you are worried about its potential to damage or hurt your eyelashes, then you need not worry. If you go for frequent treatment, then there are chances of the process damaging your eyelashes. This is why it’s always advised to maintain a minimum time gap of about 3 months before going for the treatment for the second time.

Why Can I Wash My Face So Long After LVL?

First, it is essential to have an appointment with your doctor. Arrive at the appointed time. A patch test is also conducted 24 hours before the actual process of treatment. Then your eyelashes will be thoroughly cleaned with the help of a cleanser. During this cleansing process, every bit of makeup is removed from the eyes. The doctor or technician would even consult you regarding the type and characteristics of treatment you wish to have.

Hence, it’s best to conduct research beforehand and know the various types of treatment under this process. All the treatments have varying results. Choose carefully because you need to bear the treatment for the next 3 months. Then a perming lotion is applied to the lashes which are left for about 20 minutes. After this, a neutralizer is even applied and left for about 15 minutes. After this, the technician will ask you your color preference for your eyelashes.

If you don’t want to use mascara, then you can go for black color. But again, it’s a personal preference. The tint needs barely 3 minutes to dry. And after this, you are done with your long, lifted, and high-volume lashes. After the process, you need to wait for 48 hours before using any kind of makeup or any water in the eyes. Hence, it’s advised not to wash your face for the next 48 hours.

After 48 hours, you can easily wash your face and wear your desired makeup. The results of this process last for about 3 months at maximum. However, certain factors may reduce this time.


If you take proper care of yourself, it is possible to recover quickly and make the results last longer. It is advised not to use oily makeup products in the eyes. This may shorten the period up to which results will stay. The minimum time gap of about 3 months should be maintained for two appointments. This is because the eyelashes also need a specific time to grow naturally.

If the specific time gap isn’t maintained, then the eyelashes may get hurt. You should follow the proper aftercare steps to get the best results.


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