How Long Does It Take To Grow Hair 12 Inches (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take To Grow Hair 12 Inches (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Little Less Than Two Years

There are many methods to grow hair longer, but one of the most popular is through trimming. Trimming the hair will help it grow healthily and keep split ends at bay. One does not have to go into the salon for this process as one can easily cut their hair with some simple tools.

With the number of hair follicles one can have in the lifetime, sometimes the follicles will stop producing hair over time. On average, hair grows one and a half inches per month, so it takes less than two years to hit the 12 inches mark.

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How Long Does It Take To Grow Hair 12 Inches?

Hair GrowthDuration
12 Inches Of HairLess than 2 years
16 Inches of Hair3 years

The speed of hair growth depends on the individual and also varies according to different factors such as age, heredity, hormones, and nutrition.

As a general rule, it will take at least two years before anyone notices any considerable length increase in their hair growth, but there are several ways it can help maximize the rate at which the hair grows. 

Protein-rich foods like eggs and fish tend to increase the size of follicles, while vitamin A can help strengthen and protect them from breakages. Egyptian women traditionally used henna powder for both cosmetic purposes and medicinal purposes (promotes healthy growth). One should supplement these treatments with vitamins such as biotin (for healthy fatty tissues).

It takes about two years to grow hair 12 inches long.

The average growth rate of healthy hair is about 6cm, or 2.4 inches, over six months. Of course, this varies depending on genetics or underlying health problems, but this is the approximate time it will take to grow their hair twelve inches in length for most people. 

The estimate does not account for any external factors – if one is undergoing treatments like chemotherapy, the rate will be much lower. 

If one wants to look good with height-defying locks any sooner, the best thing one can do is stimulate new hair growth with vitamins and minerals. Younger people grow hair faster than older ones, so make sure to eat diets high in protein and calcium.

Why Would Growing Hair 12 Inches Take So Long?

It depends on the amount of time it takes for a follicle to produce 3 cm of hair.

Hair has three main parts – the medulla, cortex, and cuticle. High levels of follicular activity increase production levels. A study on mice found they had accelerated hair growth when resetting their normal circadian rhythms by taking them off seasonal light-dark cycles.

Shorter strands require less energy to maintain than longer ones, so if the goal is just length, one is better off leaving it alone. Hair can also regenerate after being cut or chemically altered without any long-term signs.

A hair grows an average of 6 inches in one year, although some people’s hair can grow upwards of 8 inches per year. It takes at least two years for long hair to reach a length of 12 inches or one inch per month without trimming or other means.

The time it takes for the scalp to regenerate new hairs and replace old fallouts varies from person to person. 

On the flip side, the less one cuts or chemically processes their locks, the more leeway one gets in growing out at their natural pace – which may take up to six months longer than someone else’s natural growth rate. 

To get effective hair growth, vitamin A, D, E, and C help stimulate it. To improve the condition dramatically, tone down with hair stylings like hot irons or the hairdryer. A poor diet can be another reason why hair growth is slowing down.


When it comes to using different hair care products, it might help hair growth, but sometimes it may cause more damage than good. 

Keep doing a deep condition treatment every week or two and trimming the ends every six weeks to get started. This will keep the locks hydrated while they’re growing out.

Trimming one’s hair also does not allow one to get a haircut that may be right. One could end up having an uneven cut if one doesn’t know what they are doing. The good news is there’s no need to worry about any of these things anymore.


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