How Long After Chemo Hair Grow Back (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3-6 Months

Chemotherapy also known as just Chemo, is a type of therapy used in the treatment of cancer. Chemotherapy has helped in curing a lot more patients than before its use to treat cancer.

However, Chemotherapy also sometimes leads to some side effects. These side effects include loss of hair. Hair loss is a common problem for cancer patients that has to go through Chemotherapy. In most cases, hair loss is reversed on its own over time, but one may wonder how long it might take for hair to grow back after Chemotherapy.

How Long After Chemo Hair Grow Back

How Long After Chemo Hair Grow Back?

Hair loss caused by Chemotherapy is seen as one of the traumatic experiences of cancer and its treatment through Chemotherapy. In a study, it was found that approximately, somewhere around sixty-five percent of women face the issue of hair loss after Chemotherapy. It was also found out that around forty-five percent of women consider it as the most traumatic part of Chemotherapy. Other than that, around eight percent of women avoid Chemotherapy just to avoid hair loss.

Loss of hair can be a traumatic experience for an individual. Hair loss can put a negative impact on an individual’s mindset. It can hurt one’s perception of their own. It can affect one’s point of view on their looks, body image, sexuality, and self-esteem. One of the reasons for this is that when a person goes through hair loss they have to confront the fact publicly that they are suffering from cancer.

In many cases, hair loss does not happen at all. In some cases, hair loss occurs but is reversed. There is no fixed date that assures regrowth of hair after Chemotherapy. However, in most cases, hair grows back from somewhere around 3 months up to 6 months. While in some cases, hair loss can not be reversed.

In those cases where hair loss happens, it can not be prevented. However, it is said that scalp cooling and topical minoxidil may be helpful. Scalp cooling may help slow down hair loss, while topical minoxidil can help stimulate the process of regrowing hair.

Hair Grow
Minimum hair growth (approximately)3 months
Maximum hair growth (approximately)6 months or longer

Why Does It Take That Long For Hair To Grow Back After Chemo?

In the process of Chemotherapy, many people go through the problem of hair loss. The drugs that attack cancer cells in Chemotherapy are the major cause of hair fall. Many people see the loss of hair as the most traumatic phase of Chemotherapy. Hair fall is so feared that many people prefer not to take chemotherapy just so that they can avoid hair loss.

Under Chemotherapy, when the drugs attack the cancer cells inside the body of a cancer patient. These drugs majorly attack the cancer cells as well as the cells that are dividing at a rapid speed. This causes hair to fall as the cells that cause hair growth divide rapidly. Hence, the drugs that help in killing the cancer cells, kill those cells that are causing hair growth. This way a person with cancer cells inside their body, go through hair loss after Chemotherapy.

Hair Grow

The drugs that enter a body, have their impact for weeks or months. That is why it takes a long time for a person to grow back hair once they go through hair fall during the Chemotherapy. Usually, once Chemotherapy is over, a person may see little growth of a few hairs within weeks. But in some cases, the drugs have such an impact that hair never grows back. In such cases, many people accept them as they are, while some chose to wear wigs. Some also use topical minoxidil to pace up the regrowth of hair. Although it may not always work, it may be helpful.


Chemotherapy has been pretty successful in defeating cancer. It targets and kills cancer cells in the body. However, it may have some side effects. One of the side effects is hair fall. Hair fall is considered as one of the most traumatic phases of Chemotherapy, as it may affect a person’s perspective about themselves.

However, in most cases, people who go through Chemotherapy may regrow hair around within 3 to 6 months. People may see slight growth of hair within weeks. Some medications help slow down the hair fall, while some help in re-growing new hair. However, in some cases, the medication has such effects that the hair may not re-grow at all.


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