How Long Does It Take To Learn Spanish (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take To Learn Spanish (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 480 days (Approx)

A human being is a social animal. He needs to be surrounded by people. He has feelings, information, and expectations which has to be conveyed to his fellow humans. For this sake, languages are made. Languages are made so that a group of people can interact and express themselves freely. Language sets one free. Language, in a way, is a symbol of unity. People have their sentiments attached to their language. It is their belonging and they try to safeguard it collectively.

According to the estimation, the world roughly has around 6,500 languages right now with billions of people speaking and expressing through them. One such language is the “Spanish Language”. The language which we call Spanish today has been derived from Latin. The Spanish Language was invented in the 13th century in the Kingdom of Castile in Spain. This language was brought to the Iberian peninsula by the Romans during the Second Punic War and it has been thriving and growing there ever since.

Spanish is a global language. It is the fourth most spoken language in the world after Chinese, Hindi, and English. It has around 500 million speakers around the world, which clearly shows how great this language is. Most of the Spanish speakers are found in America and Spain.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Spanish

How Long Does it Take To Learn Spanish?

When it comes to how fast a person can learn and understands a language, it all boils down to his/her grasping power. Since we know different people have different brains, they all take a different amount of time to learn concepts and languages. The same goes for the Spanish language as well. A different set of people take different duration to gain fluency in this language. The following table represents the different duration people take to get their hands in Spanish:-

3 hours160 days
1 hour480 days

For the people, who are really determined to learn Spanish, the above-estimated data does make sense.

  1. For an individual who is spending 3 hours per day to learn the language, he will be able to have a good grasp over it in around 160 days or less than 6 months.
  2. For an individual devoting 1 hour per day in order to learn the language, he will get a hold of it in 480 day or year and a half. In order to gain fluency in the language, one has to devote time and expose him/her to all the resources present for the learning.

Why Does It Take So Long to Learn Spanish?

It is said that Spanish is the hardest language to learn. Even though it is the hardest, it still has over 500 million speakers around the globe. There are a few factors that make Spanish hard to learn. The first one has to be the number of false cognates( two words sounding the same in two or more languages) present in the language which means the word may not exactly mean what it sounds like in the first place. Most people are familiar with the English language.

They are used to the pronouns and nouns used. Spanish, on the other hand, has more involvement of verbs, conjugations to determine the meaning of words which makes it rather difficult to learn. On the other hand irregular use of tenses, gender of nouns and verbs can make it a little too tricky for people to get fluent with the language.

Another factor that plays a major role while learning this language is the willpower of the learner. If a person is not putting his eyes, head, and heart into learning and gaining about the language, there is no way in the world, he will ever be able to get hands-on Spanish.


In today’s world, where knowing multiple languages is a need, learning a mainstream language is a must. Spanish is one of them. Spanish, they say is the toughest to learn but it still has thousands of speakers around the world, which means it can be learned. You may get the resources from various places but it all boils down to how determined he is and how much time he is willing to give to learn the language. At the end of the day, nothing is difficult if you do it with your heart.


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