How Long After Redundancy Can I Claim JSA (And Why)?

How Long After Redundancy Can I Claim JSA (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 28 weeks

JSA stands for Jobseeker’s Allowance which is only for individuals willing to find a job. It is a privilege for all unemployed personnel who have the ability and competency to work and earn. This is basically provided by the Government of the United Kingdom for the people of its nation. This may be considered as a kind of security for those individuals who are not employed but possess the potential to learn and earn.

There are eligibility criteria for all individuals wishing to have JSA. The basic eligibility criteria include that the individual must have worked as an employee. He should have also cleared the Class 1 NICs within the last 3 financial years. If the person was self-employed, then the person wouldn’t be eligible for claiming JSA.

One also should be over 18 years of age and should be free to work. He/she should not be engaged in education for full time. He/ she shouldn’t be afflicted with any kind of disability which prohibits him from working or would reduce his efficiency. The person should also possess permission to work in the UK and should be a resident of England, Wales or Scotland.

How Long After Redundancy Can I Claim JSA

How Long After Redundancy Can I Claim JSA?

Minimum Time26 weeks
Maximum Time28 weeks

On being eligible for JSA, one needs to apply for it. After applying for JSA, one needs to agree to its basic requirement of trying to find a job for himself. If he/she doesn’t agree to the condition or doesn’t wish to find a job, then his/her JSA would be cancelled at the moment. First of all, one needs to check the eligibility criteria and ensure that he/she can apply for JSA.

The basic documents required by an individual for applying for JSA is the insurance number issued by the nation, the bank details of the individual and address of the nominee or the trusted person, and the statement of the pension in the name of the individual. Before filling the online application form, the applicant would receive the confirmation letter following which the person would be contacted by DWP within 10 days.

In the phone conversation between the individual and DWP, the applicant will be examined for the confirmation of his identity and for the signing of the contract to attempt to find a job. The DWP calls the applicant only if the applicant is eligible to claim his JSA. But, if the applicant fails to satisfy the eligibility criteria and is not eligible, then the person would get a text from DWP stating the reasons why he couldn’t prove to be eligible for DWP.

Being redundant can be tough sometimes. But with appropriate support, guidance and information this can be very easy. The benefits of being redundant include universal credit which is paid to every person of 18 years who have low minimal income or have no work. It would include the amount of money which would be spent by an individual while living his daily life like paying rents, health care of himself and his family etc.

Why Should I Wait For So Long To Claim JSA After Redundancy?

If one has worked for a certain time and has contributed to the development of the nation economically and financially, he/she may go for a new style JSA. The redundancy payment is also given to such employees. The redundancy payment is paid to an individual when he/she has served in a company for about 2-3 years. He/she should not worry because it would be provided by the company.

The recruiting company is not responsible to pay redundancy to the individual if he/she rejects the offer by the company on another project after the completion of one project. The amount received as redundancy pay by the individual depends on certain factors like age of the individual, work experience and weekly wages received during the working phase. For applicants belonging to the age group 18-21 years, then they would receive 0.5 portions of their previous year’s income as their redundancy.

For applicants belonging to the age group 21 to 40 years, then they would receive their previous financial year’s annual income as their redundancy pay. The redundancy increases with age. For applicants belonging to the age group of 41 years and over, they would receive 1.5 portions of his previous year’s income as his redundancy. The number of considerable years of employment is 20. Beyond this deadline, the person will not be eligible for redundancy.

If the person goes takes leave due to some reasons, then during his leave period, the full wage of the person excluding the overtime and others should be used for the calculation of redundancy. The payment to be received by a person is calculated up to a particular date of employment. In most cases, this date is the last working day of the person after which he is supposed to retire.


There are certain situations in which this time of redundancy is different. If the company has asked an employee to complete the project earlier than the decided date, then the redundancy pay is to be calculated up to the decision date only. If the person is trying to get into another company and still working in the first company, then the redundancy pay is to be calculated up to the date when the person was only associated with the first company.

The recruiting company pays the employee on a fixed date. If the company doesn’t pay the money deserved by the individual on the correct date, he/she can go to the concerned authorities and complain about the company. If the company stills ignored the orders of higher authority, one can go to the Tribunal within the period of 6 months and get can his/her justice.


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