How Long Does Media Mail Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 – 10 Days

Mail is a service that is used as a means to send a particular thing from one person to another located at different places. It is difficult for people to be able to travel whenever one needs to just deliver a document, book, letter, or other similar to a person staying away from the place one is residing in. In such circumstances, mail and postal services come in handy.

Mail services are of various types. There are priority mail services, express mail, airmail, surface mail, media mail, etc. Different types of mail services serve different purposes and thus, one must select the mail option as per one’s requirements. Mails are categorized based on their speed and the mode by which they transport the mail.

Media mail is one of the mail types wherein media articles like videotapes, audiotapes, books, publications, CDs, DVDs, and other media-related items can be sent via postal mail services. These media mail services are budget-friendly as they are quite cost-effective and fulfill the purpose of delivering the media articles to the recipient safely in a specific time frame.


How Long Does Media Mail Take?

Media mail is specifically designed to deliver only media-related items. To deliver other goods, one can send them through other mail services like airmail or surface mail. Media mail can be used to transport media items that weigh less than 70 pounds and are not extremely urgent.

For emergencies where one needs to send certain items quickly from one place to another, priority mail or services like speed post and express mail can be used as they tend to deliver in less than 5 days depending upon the location. However, the duration of media mail is not the same as other mail services that can be used in cases of emergency.

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Media mail takes about 2 – 10 days to deliver the media articles to the intended person. This duration is never fixed and can change as per the circumstances and conditions of each case. Thus, it is highly advisable to use media mail for only those media articles and items that are not extremely urgent and are not time-sensitive as they might get delayed. However, this service can surely help anyone who wants to save their money while sending mails items at lower costs.

Types Of MailsDuration
Media Mail2 – 10 days
Express Mail1 – 3 days
Regular Mail5 – 8 days

Why Does Media Mail Take So Long?

Media mails are a cost-saving perk that can enable anyone to save a lot on delivering media articles to any person residing in any location. Although there is no denying the fact that sometimes media mail can take even longer than regular mail to get delivered but no one can argue on the fact that it is the cheapest and the best type of mail service to send media-related items.

Media mail takes so long as it is transported through trucks and vans and not by airplanes. Media Mail is not like airmail or express mail where urgent information and items are transferred. It is a mail service that enables users to transport non-urgent media articles in the cheapest way possible. Thus, it is extremely natural for a media mail to be delivered late as compared to mail services like express and priority mail as the main focus in media mails is not on speed efficiency.

In media mail, every media item that is to be delivered via the mail service is considered, and no mail is left behind. Care is taken to deliver all the articles to their intended recipients. Media mail travels by ground and not by air and thus, receives no priority treatment. The main aim of this service is to serve as a cost-effective way for people who are not in a hurry to send their media-related articles from one location to another.

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This service also enables the senders of the media mail to track their parcel to understand tentatively how long it could take for the media item to reach the recipient. By way of tracking, one can get a rough idea as to how long the media mail could take to deliver one’s package.


Media mail is a reliable service offered by the postal department to send media items like books, videotapes, audio recordings, and other media items from one person to another in about 2 – 10 business days, depending upon the location. A media mail cost less than an express or priority mail as it takes longer to deliver the mail in this service as is not made for emergencies.

The fees of media mail services are quite attractive and hence are preferred by thrifty people who want to send their media articles at the least cost possible. Thus, as the bottom line, one should not prefer using media mail if one wants to get something shipped quickly, but for people who can manage a delivery period of about 2 to 10 days, media mail can be a great option to send media-related articles while saving on the cost of mail service.



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