How Long Does First Class Mail Take( And Why)?

How Long Does First Class Mail Take( And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 To 3 Business Days

It’s pleasant to know that in this electronic world, there exist the traditional methods of communication. In the present scenario, every work is done through electronic and social communication.

Nobody wants to depend on the old ways of communication or transportation. Doing it digitally saves time and provides a variety of choices too. The availability of a wide range of varieties is the most essential reason for opting for electronic ways of communication.

The USPS (United States Postal Service) provides many services to the citizens to send mail.

How Long Does First Class Mail Take

How Long Does First Class Mail Take?

Sending the first-class mail1 to 3 business days
USPS ground mail2 to 8 days

There is nothing more popular than the first class mail. It provides the highest level of service for the delivery of direct mail postcards, envelopes, and small packages across the country.

First Class mail is available at the local post office or can be done through an approved shipping service like SendPro Online. USPS Tracking for the postcards, letters, and flats is not available. 

Though for some optional services such as Return Receipt and Collect on Delivery tracking information is provided.

First Class mail is not preferable for refunds. There is also the availability of insurance policies. Businesses of all sizes take the benefit of online shipping solutions such as SendPro Online to get some discounts on the First Class Stamp rates and the savings that provide add up.

There are some rules regarding the First Class Mail service made by USPS. The maximum weight for the letters must be 3.5 ounces and for large envelopes and packages, it is 13 ounces. The weight must not exceed the maximum weight approved.

All postcards and flats should be rectangular otherwise additional charges might be applied. Additional size restrictions are applied depending on the type of mailpiece sent. Unshaped mail, like square, vertical, lumpy, rigid envelopes or mail with clamps, strings, buttons will be hand-canceled. 

If a mailpiece surpasses the maximum length, height, or thickness, it would be charged at the next higher price and mailpiece category. USPS understands what’s most important for a customer, that is, speed, affordability, security, and customer service.

Why Does First Class Mail Take That Long?

There’s no doubt that First Class mail is an affordable and easy way to send flats and small packages. That’s the reason behind choosing First Class mail as the delivery option largely when sending something through USPS.

First Class Mail has many advantages that everyone prefers for mailing purposes. The mails get delivered within 1 to 3 business days and rarely take longer than a week to anywhere outside the country. 

If the addressee has shifted, the mail will be forwarded at no additional cost for one year from when the shift occurred. If a piece is not deliverable, it would be returned to the sender at no additional charge including the reason that it was not delivered.

There are also some disadvantages of First Class mail to be considered. Like the rates of First Class mail rises incrementally with every ounce. The weight of a single mailpiece cannot exceed 13 ounces.

Some packages can take a longer time to arrive due to mailing delays. The USPS holds packages in transit during the federal holidays. Occasionally, the USPS experience a backlog especially around the eve of Christmas.

The backlogs may cause the packages to reach the destination after the estimated time. Weather also plays an important role in mailing delays. Even though the USPS delivers in bad weather, natural disasters, and severe weather may prevent the mail from reaching the affected areas.


Whether it’s about shipping goods, sending invoices, or advertising the services, many enterprises make frequent visits to the post office. The First Class mail can be thought of as the least expensive delivery option through USPS. 

Through this, letters weighing up to 3.5 ounces, and postcards, as well as small packages weighing up to 13 ounces, could be delivered domestically and globally.

The First class mail would be delivered as soon as possible within 1 to 3 business days. It might be delayed in arriving at the destination due to mailing delays such as federal holidays and bad weather conditions.


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