How Long Does Molly Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1-3 days

Molly is scientifically also known as MDMA. Molly (3,4- Methylenedioxymethamphetamine ) is a synthetic drug. It has stimulant, entactogen, and hallucinogen properties. It is available in a powder-filled capsule. Molly is taken orally. After its ingestion, it can be traced in body fluids for one to three days.

In some cases, it is detectable for several days and months. Tracing the presence of Molly in your body system also depends upon the amount of dose. The higher the dose, the longer time it will take to leave your body. In a nutshell, it’s lasting modification according to the dose consumed.

How Long Does Molly Last

How Long Does Molly Last?

Between 70 and 125 milligrams is the standard dose of Molly. The exact duration of staying Molly in your body system depends upon numerous factors such as metabolism and the dose of the drug is taken. It mixes swiftly with the flow of blood.

When a person devours this drug, the intestines absorb it. All the chemicals ingested by the intestines are then filtered into the bloodstream. After 45 minutes of intake of molly. One will start experiencing its effects.

50- 150 mg dose takes 2 hours to show its effects. When the drug passes through the bloodstream, it commences effected the stomach, heart muscles, and blood vessels. Its breaks down in the liver into chemical composites known as metabolites.

The chemical compounds pass to the kidneys which refine the drug out of the bloodstream. After traveling to the kidney, the chemicals moved to the bladder and leave the body in the form of urine. Feces and sweat are metabolites that are excreted by the body.

Molly can affect the metabolism of a person. If the drug is taken in large quantity or multiple doses over time then it can stay for a longer period in your body. It has been found in research that the peak effect of Molly can be observed within the initial hours after consuming the drug.

Here is the table for knowing different lasting duration of Molly in different parts of the body.

Presence In The System Lasting Duration
Urine1-3 days
Blood1-2 days
Saliva1-2 days
HairUpto 3 months

Why Does Molly Last So Long?

Even drinking water does not discharge molly from your body system quickly. It has approximately eight hours of half-life. With the help of different drug testing modes, it can be detected in your body system.

After the ingestion of Molly, its carriage can be traced in urine for one to three days. When the drug enters the body, with the help of the bloodstream it travels to the liver. Its chemical properties broke down and expelled.

It takes one to two hours to excrete in urine. The pH value can affect the duration of the excretion of the drug. In blood, it can be traced for one to two days after it is consumed. It takes 15 to 30 minutes to show its attendance in the blood.

Though the drug accessed the body through the mouth. That is why it emerges quickly in the saliva than in other parts. As the drug is consumed, its faces can be found within 15 minutes of the consumption.

It is detachable in saliva for the next two days. The presence of the drug lasts in hair for a longer duration as contrasted to others. It stays up to 90 days in your hair.


Generally, Molly stays in your body for one to three days. However, it can last for five or more days in some cases. Even if you are taking a tiny amount of it, it is still detectable in your body after a certain period.

The exposure duration in the case of hair is quite long-lasting as compared to other mediums. Its side effects can be experienced for up to 24 hours after devouring the drug. Blurred vision, sensitivity to light, sweating, dry mouth, tension, nausea, etc these are some of the usual side effects of the drugs.



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