How Long After Hysterectomy Can I Drive (And Why)?

How Long After Hysterectomy Can I Drive (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 2 To 3 weeks

A major surgery by which the uterus in the woman is removed surgically is known as Hysterectomy. With the completion of this surgery, the menstruation or the menstrual cycle of the woman comes to a dead end. With this, the ability of the woman to become pregnant also gets deflated. As the uterus is also being taken out of the body, a woman may also not have their monthly periods.

However, depending on the reason and intensity of the surgery, a hysterectomy can also involve the removal of other organs in the body like ovaries or fallopian tubes. But it is necessary to take some ample amount of rest before restarting your normal life, after this surgery.

How Long After Hysterectomy Can I Drive

How Long After Hysterectomy Can I Drive?

Total Recovery Period After Hysterectomy12 weeks
Overweight Amount To Not Lifted9.1 kilograms
Can Return To Work After5 weeks

Driving is a cautious job. A little amount of fickle minded and it can make the hell out of it. One must be in his or her full conscience while driving. Having any pressure, or any pain, or any complications while driving must not be entertained by anyone. And, especially when someone is recovering from a disease or a surgery, like a hysterectomy, then it is a must for him or her to follow the instructions. He or she should go under the rest period, which has been asked by the doctor. And then only one should start driving.

Normally by a lot of doctors, it is prescribed to take a rest for at least two to three weeks. After the accident, the tissues and skin need some time to get fixed to their usual place, and for this, one must take a rest. To comfortably sit in the car, and be painless while driving, it is very important to get recovered totally.


If someone is taking any type of painkillers or any other medications while recovering, then one should not drive. As the painkillers consist of particles that can cause sleepiness, one must feel dizzy while driving. And it is not safe if one drives while being sleepy. Hence, it is restricted.

After the surgery one may also feel pain and swellings, while can easily create pain. And while driving if you feel the pain, then you may also lose control. As these need two to three weeks to heal, therefore it is prescribed to take this much rest, which is at least for 2 to 3 weeks.

Why Can I Drive So Long After Hysterectomy?

If we count the total healing period after the hysterectomy surgery, then it is of almost three months or twelve weeks. This healing period includes both outer healing and also the healing of the internal stitches. The internal stitches which are used in the vaginal hysterectomy will get dissolved naturally within the body. But the internal surgery will take a little longer.

After some days of the surgery, one may also notice pain, redness, swelling, or bruises, burning or itching, near the incision part. But there is nothing unnatural in this to feel. It is normal in this surgery and there is no need to panic. With this, one may also feel a little difficult to climb stairs heavily. One may just put a step at a time, during these days. And, with this pain and swelling in the first two weeks, it must be strictly prohibited to drive.

Avoiding heavy physical activities after the surgery, for at least the first 6 weeks, is always a good decision. By doing hard physical activities, the stitches may open up again, and this can create further complications. As it is major surgery, it is not a courageous task to take risks and do all this. Otherwise, these complications can also infect the other nearby organs and can cause heavy bleedings.


Hence, these are the reasons why it is important to take a break from your normal work life and driving and timetable and get recovered fully after this surgery. As nowadays with modern techniques and equipment, it gets cleared easily, but precautionary measures after surgery and necessary to follow.


After the surgery, sometimes you may feel pain in your lower abdomen, or while driving. But it is caused by the small and large intestines, as they are the largest organs present in our body at that part. Hence, space which was taken previously by the uterus, these two organs try to fill up that space. Hence, there is nothing to worry about this and it is not caused because you are driving after the surgery.

Therefore, these are the reasons and precautionary measures one must take and follow strictly after the hysterectomy surgery. And, he or she must take a rest period of at least 2 to weeks, or if necessary up to 4 weeks, before restarting to drive.


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