How Long For Wood Glue to Dry – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24 hours

When carrying out wood projects wood glue is often an essential commodity. Using wood glue will provide durable adhesive between two pieces of wood. However, time taken for wood glue to dry will depend on various aspects.



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In this article, we shall discuss how long for wood glue to dry and why.

How Long For Wood Glue to Dry

How long for wood glue to dry?

Type of GlueTime Taken to Dry
Polyvinyl acetate glue24 hours
Hide glue24 hours
Polyurethane glue24 hours
Epoxy72 hours

As previously stated, time taken for wood glue to dry will depend on various aspects such as temperatures, type of wood glue being used, moister level and the type of wood being used.

Based on the above factors, wood glue can take between 20 minutes to several hours before it is completely dry. Depending on the wood you are working with, it will take some few minutes or several hours before the wood dries.

The maximum amount of time for wood glue to dry on wood is 72 hours if the appropriate conditions are made while 24 hours is the minimum time it can take for wood glue to dry.

Different wood glues dry at a different rate. Here are some of the most common wood glue available in the market;

  1. Polyvinyl acetate glue: Nowadays, this is the most common wood glue available in the market. This glue takes a maximum of 24 hours and a minimum of 18 hours before it cures.
  2. Hide glue: This is a type of wood glue made from animal hide. Furthermore, the glue has been developed for several years. This wood glue dries within 24 hours at a temperature range of 140 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Polyurethane glue: As it dries, this wood glue tends to expand and becomes firm. Unlike most wood glue, the polyurethane glue is waterproof. This wood glue fully cures within 24 hours.
  4. Epoxy: This wood glue features resin and hardener, which is combined to form a strong bond. Furthermore, it considered being waterproof as well. This wood glue takes the longest time to cure approximately 72 hours.

Why does it take long for wood glue to dry?

The types of glue used along with the temperature, type of wood and moisture level are the main factor that influences the time taken for wood glue to dry.

Furthermore, wood glue takes plenty of time to dry because it is a super strong bond which is often hard to break. This bond is essential when it comes to woodwork.

What you should consider when purchasing a wood glue

Since there are various wood glue designs available in the market, buying the one that best suits your needs is essential. For that case, here are some fundamental aspects you will need to consider when purchasing a wood glue;

  1. Curing time
  2. The strength of the wood glue.
  3. Opening time.
  4. Application
  5. Shelf life


Understanding how long for wood glue to dry and why is essential when it comes to woodwork. You should always keep in mind the factors that affect the curing time of wood glue and try to avoid them.


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