How Long Does Razor Burn Last (And Why)?

Exact Time: Up to 3 days

Razor burns are the consequence of shaving. You will see razor bumps (or razor burns) after you are done with shaving. Razor burns mainly happen after your shaving process is over. A razor bump will hit your face after a few weeks (or days) of shaving. It’s a very common thing that many people may notice after having.

The razor burn would not last more than a few days. Many people observed razor burn to last around 3 days. The burning sensation would vanish once your skin starts feeling better. Razor is a very difficult process for people with sensitive skin. Not everyone suffers from razor burn, but it can come to people with soft skin.
There are many folks who have no idea how to use a razor on their skin. Incorrect use of razors is a big reason for razor burn.

How Long Does Razor Burn Last

How Long Does Razor Burn Last?

Razor BurnTime Of Healing
Minimum recover days2 to 3 days
Maximum recovery daysUp to 7 days

Razor burn will not last more than a few days. If the intensity of the razor bun is high, then it may take more than the expected recovery time. There are many post-shaving creams available in the market. These creams can help in reducing the burning nation in a few hours. Many people use ice, as the savior of razor burn.

You can use cold water to reduce the skin problems triggered by shaving. After having razor burn, you will see your skin feeling itching, redness, and bring sensation. All these symptoms will stay for a few hours or days but would go on their own.

Some of the most known mistakes (causes) for inviting the issues of razor burn are:
If you use a very old razor.
If you increase the speed of the razor (shaving extremely quick)
Not following the correct direction for saving
Shaving the dry skin.

The symptoms of razor burn would not last for months but would go on days. The symptoms of the razor burn will get reduced in a few hours (or days). You have to keep your skin temperature cold to avoid the razor burn after shaving. You should try the cold compress method to heal your skin.

You can try moisturizing your face after shaving.

Why Does Razor Burn Last This Long?

The effects of razor burn would last for some time, as your skin needs time to heal. Your skin would show symptoms when the outer layers of your skin are affected. If you use the razor incorrectly, then the blades present in your razor would cause problems for the skin. The razor is harsh for your skin if you don’t change it for a long time.
Many people use razors that are uncomfortable for their skin. This can make the razor burn problem happen. You have to use razors that are not sensitive to your skin. Sometimes, the razor may cut your skin a little and this would increase the razor burn. The outer layer of your skin needs time to get healed. Therefore, you can’t expect the razor burn to vanish in seconds.

If the intensity of razor burn keeps on increasing, then you have to talk to an expert. A doctor or professional would help you get your skin better. You can try applying coconut oil or green tea bags to your face. These products are good in antioxidative and antibacterial properties and hence would help in the healing process.

Don’t apply anything blindly on your face, as you have no idea about how it would react.


Razor burns are not a thing of surprise. You can prevent razor burns by taking precautions while shaving your face. Shaving your face would become easy if you do it perfectly. Choosing a good razor and moisturizing your face is vital. You can try home remedies for getting the razor burn healed. Sometimes, the razor burns go by themselves without asking for any treatment.

You have to be careful while trying old razors, as they cause razor burn in many folks.


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