How Long Should You Keep A Second Degree Burn Covered (And Why)?

How Long Should You Keep A Second Degree Burn Covered (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1-3 Weeks

Burns may be described as damages caused to tissue. These burns are a result of heat, radiation and excessive exposure to sunlight. It may also be caused due to some chemical or electrical mishaps. Burns can be either light and minor, mild and workable or heavy and life-threatening. These types of burns are named first-degree, second-degree and third-degree respectively depending upon the intensity of the burns.

Second-degree burns are severe but not that of that level of intensity which may require urgent doctor attention. They badly affect the epidermis, penetrate the dermis but do not affect it any further.

How Long Should You Keep A Second Degree Burn Covered

How Long Should You Keep A Second Degree Burn Covered?

MethodTime Taken
Rinsing the burnt area15-20 minutes
Bandaging the burn1-3 weeks.

Ideally, a second-degree burn is to be covered as long as the wound is there. Generally, at most times, home treatment is sufficient for these burns. You will have to rinse the burnt area, clean it, apply antiseptic or ointment and cover it with a bandage.

Before covering the wound, you need to take proper care in rinsing and cleaning the wounds. You have to rinse the wound with cold water for 15-20 minutes till pain ceases to exist. This cool water stops the wounds from becoming more serious. However, you should avoid using ice.

Now, you should at first, wash your hands properly before touching the burnt area. You can use an ointment with a covering to speed up the process of recovery. Antiseptics are very useful in treating second-degree burns. They have to be covered with proper dressing. These dressings might be required to change daily. This is instrumental in preventing the advent of any possible skin infection.

Changing the coverings every day for 1 to 3 weeks might be a painful exercise. You can take the help of your friends or family during this time. The burns have to be washed well with soap after the removal of the dressings. The old medications have to be removed with a soft cloth and a new ointment has to be applied and covered with a dressing.

Conversely, you can use some advanced wound care products. These dressings do not need to be changed daily. They can be used for 2-3 weeks until the burn heals.

Why Should You Keep A Second Degree Burn Covered For So Long?

Second-degree burns leave the skin red and cause it to be splotchy. You may have blisters which would pain making you worry. To avoid that you can cover your burnt body area with proper bandages.

Second-degree burns are very painful. The application of ointments, antiseptics and bandages helps to calm down the burnt part. They lessen the pain and produce a soothing sensation in the body. Thus, the burn must be covered by the dressings.

Second-degree burns give rise to pus-filled blisters. These blisters are sometimes painful and become itchy. But scratching burnt areas might not be a great idea. A good dressing helps to minimize the impact of blisters.

Another reason for the dressing to be applied is the confidence it adds to the wounded person. The coverings hide the scars, skin swollenness and redness. It helps distract people from endlessly commenting on your pains.

On the other hand, first-degree burns are minor burns. They are prevalent on the top skin layer, which is called the epidermis. They cause less damage to the skin resulting in skin redness and swollenness. Resultantly, these burns can be treated at home.

Also, third-degree burns are just the opposite. They are very serious and need urgent medical attention. Apart from damaging the epidermis, these burns may also affect the dermis and the underlying bones and muscles.


Second-degree burns have to be covered roughly for two weeks. These burns may be a result of contact with boiling water, sunburn or fire. Proper bandages with medications help to speed up the process of skin healing and reduce pain.

Burn coverings are crucial for a fast recovery. Also, these burns give rise to blisters which can be painful and tempting to touch. Covering the burnt area also helps to treat these blisters. Moreover, covering the burnt body area boosts the confidence of the person.


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