How Long After Cutting Tree To Burn (And Why)?

How Long After Cutting Tree To Burn (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6-9 Months

You should not cut down any tree because it is harmful to the environment. But, a situation arises when you do not have a choice but to cut it down. For example, a tree blocking a road, or a tree that has overgrown and became old and has a chance to fall.

There could be various reasons as to why a tree is cut down from its roots. But, the wood collected after the tree is cut down is not ready to burn directly after the tree has been cut live. You need to wait for several months before the wood dries out and then could be used for burning.

How Long After Cutting Tree To Burn

How Long After Cutting Tree To Burn?

Freshly cut down treesMust be avoided and left to dry for about 6-9 months before burning them.
Time taken for burning down a whole tree12-24 hours

There are different types of trees with different shapes and sizes. Therefore, the time taken for the tree to burn completely may vary from one tree to another. If the tree is huge and the wood is green then you need to wait for a year before you can use its woods for burning purposes.

If you burn when the wood has not been dried out burning itself would become difficult and the smoke that arises is very bad. This is because of the presence of water or sap inside the wood that takes time to dry up and it plays a role in the burning process.

Most people use woods for cooking and other such necessary purposes. This is why they need proper wood for cooking. Whenever people look for wood for cooking purposes then they find sticks or woods that have been dried out because it becomes easier to burn them and the smoke would not be bad.

Cutting Tree

Burning a freshly cut tree’s wood is not at all a good idea inside your house or it is not safe. The presence of moisture in the wood will make the wood difficult to burn and thus results in excess smoke. This is why green wood is never used for indoor furnaces or wood stoves.

Why Does It Take That Long After Cutting Tree To Burn?

As mentioned earlier that burning the wood of a freshly cut down tree will burn but due to the presence of moisture in it the smoke evolved is horrible. It becomes a poor choice for using it for indoor furnaces or cooking purposes.

People should know that which wood should be the best for burning because if they want to use it for cooking purposes then it would be inside their house or close to them. Burning moisture content wood is not at all beneficial for your health because the smoke can cause irritation.

Freshly cut-down trees need to go through the seasoning process because during this process the moisture present in the wood evaporates and this it is then the wood can be used safely for efficient burning.

Cutting Tree

If the tree that has been cut is thin and short then it might not take a year for the moisture to evaporate but if the tree is a giant one then it could take a year. The seasoning process requires time but certain practices could make the process of seasoning much fast.

People who go camping picks up fallen wood or even logs sometimes for burning purposes like setting up a campfire do not know which wood should be the most suitable for burning. Well, you should look or check at the end of the logs. If the logs are dark in color and cracked then they are dry and can be used for burning purposes.


In the end, you just have to wait before the freshly cut down tree dries out and then you can use it for burning purposes. Hire an expert to know if you need to cut down a tree that is creating some kind of problem because there are certain skills and techniques used for cutting down a tree.

Cutting down a tree should be done properly and carefully so that it does not fall in the wrong direction. This is why you should not try to cut a tree on your own.  


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