How Long Does Shrooms Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About 15 hours

Psychedelic drugs, despite their inconsistent and shaky reputation, have always been a popular part of modern culture and a favourite among many people. These come in many forms. Broadly classified these can be called natural and synthetic. While synthetic ones may have more severe effects and consequences natural ones have often gained a reputation as much safer.

Psychedelic mushrooms or more popularly known “shrooms” are one of the most common natural hallucinogenic drugs. Because of their natural habitat, they have often been considered a safer option while their hallucinogenic properties make them a very popular favourite in this area among people.

How Long does Shrooms Last

How Long do Shrooms Last?

Magic mushrooms, yet another name for shrooms, contain psilocybin which is classified as a hallucinogen. Consequently, shrooms are classified as class 1 drugs. This means that they have a very high chance of being misused but no medical use determined as of yet.

The use of shrooms has been a very common practice in many cultures for many centuries. But the particular component of psilocybin was isolated in 1958. It has severe hallucinogenic effects which people seem to enjoy quite a lot. Because of their classification and strict circumstances regarding their use they are not used with caution.

Nevertheless when in use it is essential to know what the effects of the shrooms will be and how long they will last. Shrooms stay in the system for about 15 hours as do their effects. This is not guaranteed and there are a lot of factors on which it depends how long the shrooms last in the system, but in most cases, 15 hours seems to be the norm.

After the shrooms are consumed and are in the system their discharge takes place in this way.

66 percent

66 percent of the compounds of the shrooms are released within the next three hours.

Remaining part

The rest of the compounds of the shrooms are released within the next 24 hours so that after the next 34 hours no traces of the shrooms is found in the body not even in case of a drug test. 

Percentage of IngredientsTime
66 percent3 hours after ingestion
Remaining ingredientsWithin 24 hours

Why do Shrooms Last So Long?

Psilocybin is the component in shrooms that is responsible for the hallucinogenic properties. this compound stays in the human body for 15 hours. This is not always the case but more often than not it is quite precise. Hence the magic mushrooms last for about 15 hours.

There are various other factors on which the lasting of the shrooms depends. Some of these factors are the species of mushrooms ingested, age of the person, and composition of the body. These factors may influence how long the shrooms will last. But in any case, the most they can last up to is 24 hours. After 24 hours, no traces of the shrooms pass in the urine even.

After eating the shrooms, the effects start in about 30 minutes more or less. But it also depends on how the shrooms are consumed – dry, raw, cooked, steeped in water, etc. based on this the effects may start within 5 to 10 minutes even.

The most intensity of the effects will last for 4 to 6 hours but the lesser effects and the aftereffects last much longer, even until the next day in many cases. However, it all often ends after 24 hours. Many other factors such as age, frame of mind, health conditions, preexisting mental conditions, and expectations can also play a great role in how long the shrooms last. It can be said very clearly that within 24 hours people go back to feeling normal and like themselves more or less.


Shrooms are often used by people and are popular in many cultures. They have hallucinogenic properties and hence are often consumed with relish. Many people prefer them raw or dried while others like to cook or steep them in water. In any case, the shrooms can have effects that last up to about 15 hours. This is enjoyed by many people. Various factors determine how long the shrooms last in the system and what are their effects. But in any case, they are gone from the system completely after 24 hours and cannot be detected even in traces.



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