How Long Does Swelling Last After Aqualyx (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Around 5 days

Seldom, exercise and all the dieting strategies don’t take away the expected amount of fat in a few definite areas, like areas close to the chin. One of the simplest resolutions suggested for this problem is Aqualyx treatment. Aqualyx is nothing but a type of substance referred to as deoxycholic acid and its vital role are to absorb the fat.



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A series of countable injections are given with the special needle called a cannula and this procedure takes one hour to do. People usually prefer to treat the front of the abdomen, beneath the chin, the sides, around the hips, and the saddlebags. Few people get treated in the knee as well.

How Long Does Swelling Last After

How Long Does Swelling Last After Aqualyx?

Every treatment has its side effects. Aqualyx treatment embodies swelling, and hardly any chance of infection. People usually experience little pain and discomfort due to swelling as well as some bruising. This generally has a duration of 1 week or 2 weeks for larger areas and generally, it starts to settle down. Swollen starts to occur at a very lower stage of treatment and this increase in size within almost at first 24-48 hours.

In very rare cases, swelling persists for longer but usually, this goes down over the next course. But, Swelling is one of the significant signs of Aqualyx treatment. The treated space will turn reddish and people will feel a little warm subsequently after treatment, but this will rarely continue for days.

Depending on the treated area, swelling will last for little three days to several weeks. Swelling can also be reduced by making use of a fresh cool pack swathe in a cloth for a minimum of 10 minutes to 20 minutes each day. Anti-inflammatory tablets should be avoided for 48 hours of treatment because the tablet will react against the treatment. The treated space will be hard up to 8 weeks of post-treatment.

This treatment consists of 2 to 8 phases. Changes can be seen usually after one treatment but more sessions are recommended to pursue better results. With the additional fat that is being treated the additional swelling is seen and a longer time is taken to get over it.

No. of treatments                 
Area of treatmentTime to subside
1-2 Small areas3-5 days
3-8 Large areasOne week

Why Does Swelling Last That Long After Aqualyx?

Some swelling after Aqualyx treatment is often expected. Attempting to reduce the swelling does not essentially reduce the effectiveness of the result. Swelling occurs often due to tissue swelling or typically it can also be from blood. This takes place because of inflammation as during this process the fat is destroyed. This activity of inflammation helps to tighten the skin due to which, swelling takes around 3-5 days to subside and infrequently quiet period to recover.

The swelling, although inconsistent, is a great symptom to know that the course of action is running well as it’s caused by the injections which dissect the fat cells. People have to wait generally for 6 weeks after the treatment for good results, after bruising and swelling have subsided completely. In addition to this, the skin can swindle for little and will be warm.

But, these symptoms ordinarily resolve within 48 hours once a treatment. The treatment is often uncomfortable for most people. However, several anesthetics are assorted with the Aqualyx to make it more pleasant and lighter. Exercises and few more physical activities are avoided during these days as exercises end up in additional swollen.

As the body can rejuvenate fat cells rapidly, the method is incredibly moderate. So once fat cells are removed from a particular space, the results are permanent and treatment is worthy. However, if you do not continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle then your body might place the significant weight back on and your results are also accomplished.

If you are attempting to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle or people who are trying to lose weight then Aqualyx will be appropriate.

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