How Long After Aqualyx Can You Exercise (And Why)?

Exact Answer: One To Two Weeks

Aqualyx is a type of Injection Lipolysis that helps carry out controversial cosmetic procedures. The primary purpose of the injection is to inject drug mixtures into patients to destroy various fat cells present in the body. The drug mixtures used were earlier used for treating blood disorders but were also found effective in destroying fat cells.

The injections help remove fats from various parts of the body. Fats near the chin or fats stored under the thighs are easily removed with this method. Stomach fat can also be reduced with these injections without undergoing surgery. This method is trendy in different parts of the world.

How Long After Aqualyx Can You

How Long After Aqualyx Can You Exercise?

Aqualyx is a fat removing therapy that is very useful. The drug mixture used to reduce the fat is not injected at once but is injected slowly into the body in multiple therapy sessions. The mixture works slowly, and the effect of the injection increases with time. The outcome of the therapy is that all the local fats stored in the area of drug injection are removed. Aqualyx is very safe as well as effective in dissolving all the fats. The waste products that are left after removing all the fats are excreted through the lymphatic system naturally.

The drug mixture used in making aqualyx is made with acid family’s help named as deoxycholate family. The drug was introduced by a professor named Motolese, and it is also known as Motolese’s solution in some parts of the world. Aqualyx is also used for body contouring by plastic surgeons worldwide. Local anesthesia is also applied to the patient before injecting the drug mixture into the body.

Type Of ExerciseTime After Taking Aqualyx
Regular ExercisesOne Week
Intensive ExercisesTwo Weeks

It is advised not to do any exercises after taking the injection of Aqualyx. The body needs some time to use the drug mixture injected to start working correctly. It is recommended not to perform any regular exercise for one week after getting the drug mixture. In contrast, doing intensive exercises is prohibited for a minimum of two weeks as performing such exercises can decrease the efficacy of the drug mixture injected.

Why Does It Take That Long After Aqualyx To Exercise?

Aqualyx is one of the most widely preferred drug mixtures used to decrease chin fat and provide a perfect jawline. The mixture is also very much helpful in removing belly fat and helps in getting toned hips. Aqualyx is available in gel form and is a type of aqueous solution. The mixture is both biodegradable as well as biocompatible. This method is more used when the body fat cannot be removed by changing the diet or doing exercises.

The technique is also known as Aquaplasty or Analysis. Phosphatidylcholine is the primary substance responsible for destroying fat cells in large numbers, and destroying excessive fats present in the body helps individuals get a stable weight. One of the most significant benefits of taking Aqualyx injections is that once a fat cell is destroyed, it won’t reappear again. Since aqualyx is a permanent solution for excessive fat issues, it is a bit costly and cannot afford everyone.

It takes that long after taking aqualyx because the body might feel a bit tender, and exercising might be a little painful. If a person starts doing exercises immediately after taking the injection, then the drug mixture might not work as effectively as it would have worked otherwise. It is also advised not to apply any cosmetic products to the area where the mixture was injected. Medical experts also recommend staying away from any heat or radiation for a few days after the treatment.


Finally, it can be concluded that aqualyx is a mixture of various drugs useful in removing the body’s excess fat and helps an individual achieve a fit and toned body. The treatment is a permanent one and fat cells, once destroyed, cannot be recovered in the future. This method is also popular in plastic surgeons.

On average, a patient must wait for one week to continue practicing regular exercises after taking the injection. However, if a person wants to perform intense exercises, then a resting period of two weeks is necessary. The therapy is costly and should be done by an authorized medical practitioner.


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