How Long Does Phenibut Last - (And Why)?

How Long Does Phenibut Last – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 hours

This is a powerful substance that acts as GABA in the brain of the users. It has a powerful relaxing, and calming effect in the body.

However, in some areas such as Europe, it is usually uncontrolled as well as unregulated substances purchased online with no prescription at all.

How Long Does Phenibut Last

How long does Phenibut last?

It is not easy to determine how long it can last in your system unless you do enough research. Therefore an average dosage of 500mg lusts for 6 hours, so the first impact is felt in a span of 60 to 90 minutes.

Furthermore, it takes more than 30 minutes. Based on this, there are several factors which influence how long phenibut lusts in the body, such as:


Age is a very vital factor that affects how long it can last in the body. You must note that in the younger people it takes quite a short time compared to the older ones’. So how long it lasts depends on the age variation equation.


You should be aware that this is a primary factor that influences how long and why Phenibut lusts for such a particular time in your body.

Moreover, if your dosage is higher, be sure you will experience a condition known as post-acute withdrawal symptoms. This is moral-less like addiction hence triggering phenibut to stay in your body for a long duration of time.

Furthermore, it can also lead to psychological conditions, among them being depression and anxiety. Have it in your mind that how you use Phenibut can affect its lusting duration.

Half time of phenibut

The half time of phenibut is 5.3 hours at a dose of 200mg and 500mg. This means that you will feel the impact of your substance at about 4 to 5 hours.

However, you might be tempted to add more dose bearing in your mind that the first dose did not work hence overdosing yourself.

Therefore you should always have in mind the half time of phenibut so as not to interfere with the duration it would probably take to last in your body.

Hydration level

How well your body is hydrated will fasten the rate at which the substance ill circulates in the body hence determine how long it would last in the body.

It is recommended that your intake of fluids should be high, not only liquid but health ones’ especially water.

Overall health status

Functional health status fastens the functioning of Phenibut in your body system compared to when you are experiencing several health-related diseases, which more affects how your medicine works.

Health status can as well fully determine how long it might lust in your body. Thereby you should also check your diet too.


Given the above information, you now know how long it might take Phenibut to lust in your body system and why. Therefore putting those factors into consideration will determine the best results.


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