How Long Was World War 1 (And Why)?

How Long Was World War 1 (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 4 Years and 106 Days

The World War 1 was fought between Germany, Austria- Hungary and Turkey against France, Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Japan and the Unites States. The war was centrally fought between the two groups Central Powers and the Allies. The war was fought from July 28, 1914 to November 11, 1918 that comes down to four years. The World War 1 was the result of assassination of Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand by South Slav nationalist Gavrilo Princip. Sebria was getting aggrandized by two Blakan Wars, the idea of making the liberated started the tensions of the World War 1. The war was greeted with full armwork and weapons by the Europeans. The war soon became a symbol of patriotism upholding the people together against international treaties and morality.

How Long Was World War 1

How Long Was The World War 1?

One of the most drastic wars in the history of mankind was World War 1. Millions of people lost their lives, thousands lost their livelihood and house. People could not really identify their immediate family members after the end of the war. The disastrous menace took inside everyone.

World War 1 between different countries Time taken
Germany, Austria- Hungary and Turkey against France, Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Japan4 years and 106 days
After the entry of United States2 years

The most disastrous war in the history of mankind was fought for a period of 4 years in total. World War 1 was one of the greatest watersheds of 20th century. The war lead to the fall of four huge dynasties. The war destabilized the whole European society. After the revolt by Serbia against the Austrian Government the Austrians decided to offer an unacceptable Ultimatum to Serbia to start the war.

By the time, the ultimatum reached Russia it was too late and Russia declared that Austria- Hungary must not be allowed to crush Serbia. When Serbia got the ultimatum it accepted most of the demand except that the Austria-Hungarian officials will take part in the Serbian soil and that Serbian officials will be dismissed at the orders of Austria- Hungarian officials.

Germany by then had been an active participant in the war and had sent an ultimatum requiring Russia to halt its mobilization. It had also sent an ultimatum to France requiring it to promise neutrality in the war and hence, not take sides of its opponents. But Russia and France disapproved of the ultimatum and hence, a war was declared by Germany against Russia.

German forces were sent to Luxemberg, and the war against France was formally declared. In August 1914, the Germans started invading parts of Russia starting from Belgium. The bond to defend Belgium made the war against the Germans by the Russians and the people of France even more stronger. Romania came into the war with an anti- Russian alliance followed by Italy for a Triple Alliance against the Germans. The Europeans who found the war as a sign of peace and freedom now had started believing that the war will go long for years.

Why Was The World War 1 As Long As Four Years?

With the start of one of the greatest wars in the history of the world, many of the nations started believing that the war will take kill alot of assets and lives. When the war was at initial stages, the Allied Powers ( France, Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Japan) took control over the demographic, industrial and military resources. The Central Power( Germany, Austria- Hungary ) took control of the oceans for trade with neutral countries.

The Central Power had a long lasting effect because of the discipline, training, leadership and armament of the German army. This reduced the disadvantage due to the lesser number of armies in the Central Power. In contrast, because of the poor leadership, lower scale armament the Russians failed to deliver a first series of attack. Germans and Austrians also had the privileges of “inferior lines of communication” that paved way for their success. This therefore, resulted in the long war.

Miscommunication was one of the most important factors why the Central Powers were not capable of ending the war at the first place. The Germans decided to attack the troops in France. By the end of the 1914, German troops held strong defensive positions inside France. One other reason for the failure of the wars were the military tactics that failed to keep pace with the advancement in technology. Some of the major events like Gallipoli Campaign First Battle of Somme, Battle of Verdun, Christmas Truce and the Battle of Passchendaele were all the results of the first World war.

The Russian Revolution also started in between the World War. From 1914-1916, the Russian’s army mounted offensives on Eastern Front of World war 1. Defeat at the battlefield, scarcity of food resources and essential items and the rapid rate of deaths invited the countries for the hunger to win. After loosing many and many individuals the thirst to be the ultimate thrived harder in the Allies and the Central Power. All this gave rise to the four drastic years of World War 1.

8,500,000 militants gave their lives up while fighting for their nation. 13,000,000 civilians also died due to the causalities and the torcher by the opposite rulers. The main reason for such number of wars was the inclusion of improving technology and war weapons.


The World War 1 that went through for a timeline for four years had to come to an end. The number of causalities in the war, exceeded the total number of wins by any of the two sides individually. The World War 1 ended with the Treaty of Versailles. Germany formally surrendered in 1918. All the nations decided upon entering a peace treaty to end the suffering of the millions. On June 28, 1919 World War 1 was formally ended with the peace treaty being signed by Germany and the Allied Powers. It is believed that the World War 1 ended with a the winning bit of the Allied Powers. After the number of deaths and wastage of resources and money it has been totally titled that World War 1 was a failure in the history of the World.


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