How Long For BM After Colonoscopy (And Why)?

How Long For BM After Colonoscopy (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 to 3 Days

Colonoscopy is a well-known method to detect colon related cancer and other colon related diseases. It also helps in finding colon polyps. Colon polyps can be a cause of cancer. Hence, colonoscopy helps in detecting the condition of a person’s colon and finds if there is any colon related cancer there.

The cancer of the colon is also known as bowel cancer. But, after a Colonoscopy, a person may not have bowel movements for a couple of days. In such a case, a person may wonder how long it will take for them to have bowel movements after a colonoscopy.

How Long For BM After Colonoscopy

How Long For BM After Colonoscopy?

After Colonoscopy, a person may not have Bowel movements for a few days. Bowel movements means the last step in the process of digestion in the body. In this process, the movements happen in the bowel, leading to the removal of faeces from the body.

After Colonoscopy, a person may face problems in the removal of faeces or the last step of digestion. Although, it only occurs for two to three days. After that, the bowel starts to recover and bowel movement also happens much easier. Hence the faeces are removed from the body easily again.

In Colonoscopy, the examination of colon polyps is done, which can cause colon-related cancer. In the process, a tube is entered inside the rectum of the person going through the colonoscopy. A tiny video camera is attached at the tip of the tube. The camera presents the inside condition of the patient’s colon condition on a screen. Then the doctor tries to identify the colon polyps and other problems.

However, after this process, a person’s bowel might take some damage. This stops the bowel movement till its recovery. It takes a few days for a bowel to recover. Till then the patient may face problems in the removal of faeces from their body. Usually, the bowel shows major recovery in 2 to 3 days. Within 2 to 3 days, the bowel movement or the last step of the digestion process continues again.

Initial movement2 to 3 Days
Complete recoveryUp to 3 weeks

Why BM Takes That Long To Happen After Colonoscopy?

As said before, in the process of Colonoscopy, a tube with a video camera at the top, is inserted inside the patient’s rectum. The camera shows the video of the condition of the patient’s colon from the inside. This way, by analysing the video on the screen, the doctor can identify whether or not a patient has colon polyps or other problems in their colon. If they have colon polyps inside their colon, it means the patient is at risk of cancer of colon or bowel cancer.

However, in the process, the bowel of the patient takes a little damage. It happens because the tube with the camera goes through it. So due to the damage, Bowel movement stops. It starts to recover and the movement starts to happen within 2 to 3 days.

Although it may take time for the Bowel to fully recover. The full recovery depends on the hygiene of the bowel and preparation done by the doctor. If the Bowel is not very hygienic and is also ignored by the doctor, the bowel may take up to 3 weeks to recover completely. On the other hand, if the bowel is comparatively hygienic and the doctor takes corrective measures to prevent damage and maintain hygiene, the bowel can recover much faster.

In some cases, the patient may also face bleeding during a bowel movement in the initial days after Colonoscopy. However, if the bleeding is frequent, the patient should contact their doctor immediately.


Colonoscopy is a well-known and helpful way to detect colon related cancer or bowel cancer in the body. In the process, a tube with a camera is inserted inside the patient’s rectum, and a video is presented outside on a screen to the doctor.

In the process, the bowel gets a little damage which stops bowel movement. Although Bowel Movement starts again in 3 days the bowel may not recover completely for up to 3 weeks.


In the initial days, the patient may face problems in removing faeces from the body and may face bleeding. However, eventually, the bowel movement becomes normal depending on the hygiene of the rectum of the patient.


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  1. Recovery may take up to 3 weeks in some cases? That seems like a long time. I expected a quicker recovery.

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      Absolutely, knowing that full recovery is anticipated helps in managing recovery expectations.

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  5. The recovery time and process seem rather inconvenient, but understanding it helps in managing expectations.

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