How Long Before BM After Colonoscopy (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After three days

If any instrument goes inside your body to examine something then it can cause a little discomfort for the patients. This process is done to examine if there is any problem with the digestive path. Once the problem is detected by the health consultant, he will proceed with the medical treatment. Before reaching out to any conclusions the physician does a lot of thorough examination and diagnoses the digestive tract.

This is common nowadays and is heavily conducted in western areas. This is not so painful and you can beat it with a little bit of pain. However, the focus is still important to carry out the examination.

How Long Before BM After Colonoscopy


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How Long Before BM After Colonoscopy?

Minimum time2-3 days
Maximum time4-5 days

The colonoscopy process is done for checking if there are any abnormalities in the digestive system or tract. It is done under the recommendation of a professional. A properly trained professional is capable of doing the procedure. It will let you know if there are any polyps or other abnormalities inside the abdomen. For doing this process a colonoscope is used. It is a flexible pipe that has a light torch to show the path and a high-quality camera for recording the pathway. Additional instruments can be added to enhance your experiences such as water spray and flexible wires.

This takes about one to two hours. It is carefully gone into the tract through the backside. It is done under mild sedation so that you will not feel anything, the pain will feel much less than the normal process. You will be instructed to lie down by your side and then the process will begin. The colonoscope will enter your body through the anus and will slowly progress through the rectum area. water spray will be used to clean up the poop and other mess for a clear view or vision. After that, the real investigation starts for treatment.


The water spray will clear all the mess inside the rectum giving more detailed information. The air blower will also expand the tract a little bit for a clear image. Any abnormalities detected will be captured by the camera and show up on the computer screen. The more detailed the examination is, the more helpful the medication will be.

Why Should One Wait So Long For BM After Colonoscopy?

Every process compels its term. The colonoscope goes inside the digestive tract and finds if there are any irregularities inside it. Once it goes in it scans every small portion of the digestive tract. If there are any types of polyps found, then the colonoscope’s wire will bring it out by squeezing it. And then the tissue sample of it goes for biopsy to check if there is any chance of cancer. Though polyp doesn’t cause cancer, sometimes it can be hazardous to health. So it is taken for a biopsy test. The device can also check if there is any type of ulcer and unknown wound that can cause a severe problem in the future.

A polyp in the first stage is not dangerous, but it is removed immediately via specialized tools to avoid any unusual circumstances. Its removal is painless as there is no nerve lining in the rectum canal. After removing the polyp it is taken for its tissue testing. There can be two types of polyp, one is benign, and the other one is precancerous. If it is benign, you are safe. If it is pre-cancerous it is kind of risky. Your expert will make you understand this. Some medication is taken for faster recovery.


The method itself is painless but after some time you might feel a little pain or cramp inside your abdomen. It will go away once you take a deep breath. The symptoms last only for some hours or maybe extended to a few days. But the symptoms are very mild.


The above discussion concludes that your bowel movement takes some time to get normal again after this process. You might experience a little blood coming out of your anus in your first poop because of the procedure. You keep yourself relaxed and wait for normal bowel movements. If you have symptoms like diarrhea, bleeding during stool then you are told to do this test. This is a harmless test causing almost no damage to the digestive tract.

Wait for at least two days and eat a lot of fibrous food as it helps in clear bowel movements. If you are above 50 you should do this test more to make sure there is no reason for ulcer and cancer.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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