How Long Have I Been Alive (And Why)?

How Long Have I Been Alive (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Since One Becomes A Fetus

A human exists in the world thanks to evolution and reproduction. This world thrives and survives because of the art of procreation. All living beings, whether it is a giant mammal or even a cell, reproduce, and that is how nature works.

Humans are also living creatures who have come to this age and world only through reproduction. There had been a time when every individual was born, had a childhood, became an adult, and eventually died. That is the cycle of life, and it is one constant thing in the ever-changing world.

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How Long Have I been Alive?

Every individual has a different life and a different life span. It all depends on many factors that can be genetic, scientific, or environmental. But the initial stage is similar for every individual, is breathing and living on the planet at any given moment.

The process of being born is also similar for every living being. It all starts with the process of mating. Mating is when a male counterpart impregnates the female. According to the science of how humans are, a female has ovaries that release eggs. When the eggs get released, the female is known to be on ovulation. 

The eggs need to get fertilized to move on with the process. For the eggs to fertilize, sperm needs to get into the female. This sperm is delivered by a male when he ejaculates. Ejaculation enters the female body after the intercourse between the male and female.

Once the eggs get fertilized, implantation happens around six days after the fertilization. It then becomes an embryo that develops eventually in the womb with the help of the placenta. It is here that the baby forms into a fetus, and then with time, the pregnancy proceeds. After around nine months, the female gives birth to the baby.

The usual period after which a baby is born is nine months. But there are chances that some children are born in seven or eight months. Essentially, after ten weeks of pregnancy, the embryo becomes a proper fetus, and as per law, it is alive.

MethodCalculation of life
Standard MethodTo be calculated after birth
Actual MethodTo be calculated after becoming a fetus.

Why Have I Been Alive For That Long?

Being alive depends on many factors. The cause of being alive is when a person is either safe from diseases or overcomes them with the help of modern-day medicine. It depends on all the factors right from the start when sperm is successful in fertilizing the eggs, and the eggs develop into an embryo and then become a fetus. The life of an individual starts right from there.

When the calculation gets done to know how long one has been alive, it gets calculated right from when the embryo becomes a fetus. The reason why this calculation is more reasonable is as below:

  • The first reason is that by the law, even when the fetus is in the womb, it is considered to be alive. Hence, to calculate since when someone has been alive, they should also include the months they were in the womb. In this calculation, the factor of whether the birth was premature or normal will play an imminent role.
  • The fetus is inside the womb but, it still takes the nutrition via the mother. It also grows like a normal human being. The most necessary part is that it has a heartbeat, and it is enough to signify that it is alive. Hence, it becomes without a doubt a proper decision to count the time in the womb while considering how long has a person has been alive.


It is easy to avoid many factors when considering the time for which someone has been alive. People calculate their age as the most imminent factor for this. However, as per studies and the law, a human is alive even in a mother’s womb.

It gets said the life starts right from the conception of a child, but it starts when a fetus gets formed. The growth and development of a child initiate from within the womb. It is the formation of the heart and limbs and the development of the brain. 


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