How Long it Takes to Complete Vampyr – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 15 hours

Action role-playing game that will capture your attention with its captivating storyline, not so much the animation and combat. The game story is revolving around Jonathan Reid, a doctor from London in the setting of the first World War. Video game enthusiasts who have played many other RPG games will definitely be tempted to dive into the game.

Vampyr has other characters who are fascinating as well and their development will keep you hooked for hours on, trying to complete each of their quests. Keep in mind that the side quests of the game will have you wandering around listening to conversations in the forests.

How Long it Takes to Complete Vampyr

How long does it take to complete Vampyr?

Prospective players who are interested in purchasing or have already purchased the game would like to know how much time will they be investing in this game. Well, it all depends on how you would like to play the Vampyr game. There are basically two ways you would play this game.

Players who majorly interested in completing the main storyline will take less time by avoiding side quests. Sticking to the main course of the story will reduce time of gameplay. These players will tactfully avoid the tedious lengthy conversations that give little information about how to maneuver through the game. Using this strategy will allow, a player to definitely finish the game in about 15 hours.

The other type of players is those who are curious about all characters and enjoy playing each of them. These types of players will no doubt take more time completing each character quests as they develop in the game. These players want to be immersed in all the experiences that the game has to offer. If you feel like you this type of player then be ready to use up about twice as much time than the former kind of player, in hours that would be about 30 hours of gameplay.

Why does it take this long to complete the game?

The two types of players will take different times to finish the game because of the distinguishing factors that separate the two.

The players who are interested in following the storyline will still have to adhere to the systematic phases needed to successfully end the game. We have established that this kind of players will take about 15 hours to complete Vampyr. The time is distributed by gaining experience as a vampire which includes sleeping to evolve your abilities, combating and conversing.

Now let’s move to the Second type of player who takes about 30 hours to finish the game. Time is distributed by doing exactly what it takes to complete the storyline plus they have to add more time to be able to complete side quests and finding collectibles in the side missions.

Vampyr being and RPG means that there is a lot of information to acquire to progress in the game. For example, a player would have to know characters, their abilities, strengths and weaknesses of characters. These are the dynamics that you have to consider when thinking about the time needed to complete the game in the two ways mentioned.

As a prospective player of Vampyr you have to understand that you can definitely take longer of shorter than the time given in this article depending on the experience you have with playing similar RPG games.

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  1. The article paints a clear picture of the different factors influencing the time required to complete Vampyr, enhancing the understanding of what players can expect from the game.

    1. It’s refreshing to see such a thorough examination of the game’s nuances and how they contribute to the overall experience.

    2. The specifics provided about the game’s mechanics and story elements are very insightful, especially for RPG enthusiasts.

  2. The captivating storyline and fascinating characters definitely make the game worth playing, regardless of the length of time it takes to complete.

  3. The time investment reflects the depth of the RPG elements within the game, requiring strategic planning and thorough exploration to fully experience all it has to offer.

    1. Absolutely, it’s not just about finishing the main story, but fully immersing yourself in the world of Vampyr.

    2. It’s commendable that the game provides substantial content, but it’s understandable why some players may find the time commitment daunting.

  4. RPG enthusiasts will appreciate the depth and complexity that Vampyr offers, making the time investment worthwhile for those who enjoy this genre of games.

  5. Understanding the varying time commitment for different approaches to the game allows players to make well-informed decisions based on their preferences and play styles.

    1. Indeed, the clarity offered in the article helps players determine whether Vampyr aligns with their gaming preferences.

  6. It’s great that the game offers options for different play styles, catering to both those who prefer to complete the main storyline quickly and those who enjoy exploring every aspect of the game.

  7. The point about how character development and information gathering affects the length of the game is a crucial insight for players to consider before starting.

    1. I hadn’t thought about it that way, it definitely adds an interesting layer to the gameplay experience.

  8. The in-depth analysis of the time investment for Vampyr illustrates the game’s complexity and variety, giving players a clear picture of what to expect.

  9. The comparison between different play styles and their corresponding time investments offers valuable insights for players to make informed decisions about how they want to approach the game.

    1. Absolutely, the details provided give a comprehensive understanding of what Vampyr entails for different types of players.

  10. Understanding the time commitment required for different play styles helps set expectations for prospective players.

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