How Long to Beat Darkest Dungeon – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 55 Hours

The darkest dungeon is a video game that was published by Merge Games but developed by the Red Hook Studios. Furthermore, the darkest dungeon was first released for OS X and Microsoft Windows in January of 2016.



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The game was later on released for iOS in 2017, whereas PlayStation 4 Linux and PlayStation Vita were released in 2018 after a long development period.

The game allows players to control various heroes in exploring dungeons under a gothic mansion you will inherit as a player.

The darkest dungeon is an incredible game and has received plenty of positive critics from gamers across the globe. Due to this, we shall discuss how long to beat the darkest dungeon and why.

How Long to Beat Darkest Dungeon

How long to beat the darkest dungeon?

Darkest Dungeon features an incredible storyline that is hard to conquer. Beating darkest dungeon main story, it will take you a minimum of 55 hours of gameplay.

This makes it one of the most extended action role-playing games available in the market. Furthermore, conquering the darkest dungeon main story along with all the sidequests it will take you a minimum of 104 hours of gameplay. Beating this game will highly depend on your gameplay.

Why does it take long to beat the darkest dungeon?

The darkest dungeon was designed for individuals who love playing games with extended gameplay time. Furthermore, beating the darkest dungeon will highly depend on your gameplay, as previously mentioned.

Beating the main storyline of this game will take you a minimum of 55 hours of gameplay. Whereas beating the main storyline along with all the sidequests available, it will take you a minimum of 104 hours of gameplay, making it an incredible great action role-playing video game in the market.

Things you should know about the darkest dungeon

  • Your heroes will die: The heroes in this game will die, and you will have to deal with it. Some heroes will be able to survive a couple of missions, while others will die on their first mission. However, most of the heroes will die sooner than later, you should, therefore, take good care of your favorite warriors for hard missions.
  • Focus on the stagecoach as the first building: Here there are heroes, and you will need at least four heroes to commence your mission. Nevertheless, there is no point you should waste your valuable resources. Therefore, you should make use of the first dozens of upgrades to the number of heroes available every week.
  • Recruiting available heroes: Apart from the start, you should not recruit any available hero. You should check the heroes’ classes that you will require in your mission and always assess their merits as well as quirks.
  • Classes for specific roles: You should note that most heroes’ classes are designed for particular tasks. These roles consist of healers, tanks, support as well as a damage dealer.

These roles are essential in completing different from the tank hero, taking the most significant damage on himself.


The darkest dungeon is a fantastic game with plenty of positive reviews from gamers across the globe. Playing the main story, along with all the available sidequests, will give the maximum satisfaction of playing this incredible game.


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