How Long Would Australia Last In A War (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 12 months

The world is not always a safe place, and if it is now, it is because of the efficiency of the country’s government, military defense, and budget. Wars happen out of nowhere and nobody knows the exact reason why they happen. Some are solved easily with peace treaties and compromises, yet some prolong and end up in high casualties and bloodshed. Wars just don’t take lives, they also have a severe effect on the economy of the country, and everything changes when a war happens.

The government sets up defense forces that include manpower and many other services. The leadership is divided and everything differs based on the country’s resources, economic resources, and the size of the country. There are totally seven continents in the world, and one of them is Australia. Australia is basically the smallest continent and does not have many states. Their military defense and budget are yet as good as any other country.

After a long consolidation of military facts, Australia can last in the war for about a year.

How Long Would Australia Last In A War

How Long Would Australia Last In A War?

World War 11912-1918
Russian Civil War1918-1920
World War 21939-1945

Just like every other continent and country in the world, Australia has also been through war and came back in flying colors and victory. The list of wars Australia has taken part in include Second Boer War, Boxer Rebellion, World War 1, World War 2, Russian Civil War, Korean War, Malayan Emergency, Borneo Confrontation, Vietnam War, Gulf War, War in Afghanistan, Iraq War, Operation Astute, and War on ISL. The Australian protection system includes two major organizations, The Australia Defence Force and the Australian Army.

The Australian Army was first formed on 1 March 1901, and its role in land warfare. The size of the army is 29,511 regularly and 18,738 inactive reserves. The officers who are in charge are Commander in chief, chief of the defense force, chief of the army, deputy chief of the army, and commander of the forces. The Australian Defense Force is also very much capable and they are the military organization that is responsible for the defense of Australia. The organization consists of Royal Australian Navy, Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force, and many other tri-service units.

The Australian Army is actually a branch of the Australian Defence Force and the headquarters is located in Canberra, ACT. The leadership includes Commander-in-Chief, Prime minister, Minister for defense, and Chief of the defense force. All the branches of the ADF include manpower. The man or woman must be at least 16.5 years for at least getting into the selection list, 17 years to serve, 18 to be deployed, and at least 19 years to get deployed for special forces deployment.

Why Does Australia Last That Long In War?

The current budget of ADF in total is 44.6 billion and 26 billion of it is specifically allotted to the Australian Military. Australia’s military force and ADF on whole are actually relatively small. The count of active-duty personnel and active reservists are the largest in Oceania but are smaller than the American and most of the Asian military forces. Yet, the ADF gets supported by a large budget in worldwide standards and they are more than capable of deploying forces to any location outside of Australia.

Their active military personnel, budget is lower than many other countries as the continent is comparatively smaller. The Australian Army has combat tanks, armored fighting vehicles, and even rocket projectors and artillery guns are also available alongside self-propelled artillery guns. It has been also noticed that Australia has 47 naval assets, 10 frigates, 6 submarines, six mine warfare vessels, and 2 aircraft carriers.


Australia is one of the countries that have all sorts of services and equipment that can help them last in a war for at least 8 to 12 months without any major economical loss. The land forces, naval forces, natural resources are very good and since their geography is also small, it is also possible that they can manage with limited military budgets.

Their logic is also very unique and their manpower and airpower are also strong. All Australia has to do is keep the forces running steadily with the limited budget for a while to last for a year.



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