How Long Is A Football Field In Feet (And Why)?

How Long Is A Football Field In Feet (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 360 Feet

Football is an exciting sport that has been played for over 150 years now. The length of a football field in feet is 100 yards or 360 feet. The goalposts are at each end of the field, with one ball on either side of them. 

A football field is the length of an American football pitch, and it is 120 yards long and 53 1/3 yards wide. This means that a football field measures exactly 360 feet in length, which translates to 120 yards or 99 meters.  

The size of this rectangle makes for a perfect playing surface with no interruptions due to out-of-bounds markers, posts, etc.

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How Long Is A Football Field In Feet?

Football FieldDuration 
In yards100 yards
In feet360 feet

The football field has a length of 360 feet and a width of 160 feet. A first down begins with the ball at or beyond the line of scrimmage, resulting in three zones: 

The first zone, which is 40 to 44 yards from the line of scrimmage; the second zone, which is 10 to 20 yards from the first zone; and the third zone, which does not advance farther than 10 yards from either end. 

Every time an argument exists as to whether one should measure the distance in inches or yards, the measurement will always be done by foot. 

The end zones are the areas between the goal lines and end lines at each end of the field – including the goal lines that are known as the end zones. Touchdowns, two-point conversions, and safeties are all scored in the end zones, as well as touchbacks.

The primary distinction between NFL and college stadiums is in the form of construction. Domes are built to shelter players and fans from inclement weather, with roofs always overhead. Both types of stadiums seat between 50,000 and 107,000 screaming spectators when it comes to big-time football.

The yard lines are parallel to the goal line. The yard lines run parallel to the goal lines and are denoted every 5 yards across the field from one sideline to the next. These lines reach only 8 inches short of the NFL’s 6-foot solid border. Overall, the length of the football field has not changed much.

Why Would A Football Field In Feet Be So Long?

Football field lengths are given in yards, but they’re measured in meters. In feet, it is 360 feet. Lengths are either imperial or metric. 

It is unknown why the football field was standardized at 100 yards, and the only clear things are that it cannot be any less than 100 yards or any greater than 120 yards. 

The original design document specified the length at 110 yards in college and 120 yards in high school. Still, one soon recognizes that 120 yards were insufficient to accommodate the longer professional fields when they had to be laid out on college campuses, so they rounded up the number to 100. 

The line of scrimmage for the CFL is 10 yards from the touchline, while in League One American Football, it is closer (5 yds) because of a 30-yard end zone. 

However, a Canadian football field has a length of 110 yards from sideline to sideline, 20 yards at the end of the field, and so forth. The target posts are above the target line, unlike in football.

Also, there are different lines one may notice, like end lines located at each end of the field, horizontally linked along the side of the field. Target lines are 10 yards inside and parallel to each end line. 

The field is divided in half by a 50-yard line while hash marks line at 70 yards from the sidelines. Player bencher is the area to watch teammates play and for trainers and doctors to stand by.


A football field is a playing area on a sports ground that’s used for association football. There are two end zones, each of which has a goal line at either end. 

The length of the pitch varies depending on how one will use it and who owns it – but a standard width is 100-120 yards with a maximum length of 150 yards. 

The longest professional American Football fields measure 100 yards in length and 50 1/2 feet wide, with end zones 5 feet long each. Overall, it is important to keep the length consistent to play football consistently.


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