How Long Do Netflix Downloads Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Netflix Downloads Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 7 days

Netflix download’s lasting time would depend on the license and title. The streaming revolution concept of Netflix has made it more renowned. The downloaded shows and movies can get transferred to the mobile without any trouble. The Netflix downloads would last for around 7 days before getting expired. Downloading Netflix would help in saving the data.

Downloading the shows and movies from the Netflix account is a privilege for the account subscribers. Netflix has many options for TV shows and movies that are not available on any other channels or apps. People traveling in flight for long hours can take the advantage of downloading their favorite movies or shows.

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How Long Do Netflix Downloads Last?

Netflix DownloadsHow Long Do Netflix Downloads Last
Minimum days2 days
Maximum days7 days

The Netflix downloads would not last for a long time, as it is not how the streaming concept work. There are many titles that don’t allow the Netflix account holder to download from Netflix. Some titles and licenses allow the downloading of shows and movies which can’t last more than a week. There will be some movies and TV shows that will expire in just 4 to 6 days.

Netflix would show or display the time of lasting for the show on its page. The most usual lasting time of any shows or movies after being downloaded is around 48 hours. Once the downloaded movie or show is expired then it will ask for re-downloading.

Here are the steps to be covered for downloading the movies or shows from the Netflix app.

Step 1- Use the search button to find out the show or movie you wanted to download.

Step 2- If the movie or show is available for downloading then you can see a downloading sign (arrow) there. Click on the sign and the download will begin in a few minutes depending on your network connectivity and speed.

For re-downloading follow the steps:

Step 1- Search the movie or show which you want to download again.

Step 2- Tap on the expired point also known as the orange acclamation point.

Step 3- There a renew sign will pop up. Tap on “renew” to redownload it again.  

Why Netflix Downloads Last This Long?                  

There are some limits for downloading from Netflix. Some TV shows and movies are not available for download. All these restrictions and limitations for Netflix downloads are due to the licensing and title problem. Another thing to note is that Netflix doesn’t allow people to keep the downloads on all the devices connected to the account.

The person has to delete the downloaded contents from one device for keeping new downloads. Netflix is more of a streaming network and people can’t own it for a long time. Therefore, the downloaded contents can’t be owned by people for more than 3 to 7 days as they come under various license policies.

The content of Netflix is licensed from the studio. The licensing agreement doesn’t allow to keep all the titles for a long time. When the content of a Netflix is getting expired that means the rights to watch is expiring too. The downloaded data of Netflix can expire without the person deleting them. This can happen due to storage problems in the device.

The person before storing any type of Netflix titles should have good space to save it as per the licensing guideline.


The Netflix app is filled with content from different countries. Therefore not all the titles would be available for the viewer to download. If the title is not having downloading options, then the rights may be there with another country. Sometimes, the rights are not available to be purchased, and it stays with the content provider.

The minimum number of days for the Netflix downloads to last is 2 days, and the maximum is 7 days. So, plan to see the download before the expiry or be ready to download it again.


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