How Long Do Chigger Bites Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 2 weeks

Chigger (or red bugs) bites would last around 7 to 14 days. Once the chigger starts attaching to the skin, then the pain would start for chigger bites. Chigger bites would get healed in a few days. There are many things that affect how long chigger bites last. The effects of chigger bites are mainly itching in many people.

A person can feel some blisters or pimples like bumps (red bumps) on their skin. Once the symptoms are visible then it would not take more than 2 weeks to get it healed. The healing process may vary for different people, as not everyone has the same skin type. Some people may feel the bumps to stay for around 2 to 3 weeks, while others may recover in a few days.

The time for chigger bites to last depends on many factors and would not be the same for everyone. It’s difficult to say an exact time period for how long do bigger bites take for recovery. Some people may get over the chigger bites in a very short time, as compared to other people.

How Long Do Chigger Bites Last

How Long Do Chigger Bites Last?

Chigger Bites Recovery PeriodHow Long Do Chigger Bite Last
Minimum recovery periodUp to 7 days
Maximum recovery periodUp to 14 days

The effects of chigger bite should not last for more than 14 days, but there may be some exceptional cases. If a person has extremely sensitive skin, then the chigger bite may cause more problems. The most important factor for predicting the recovery time for chigger bites is the place of bite.

Some people get it on their legs while others can get it in private areas. If any person gets chigger bites in their penis, then it would cause a huge problem. After the chigger bite happens in your penis, then it would cause inflammation and painful symptoms. One of the most notable symptoms is itching (in chigger bites) that many people will face after chigger bites.

In the chigger bite, the chigger would be able to drink human skin (liquified) through the straw. The welt will be extremely painful (itchy) if the chigger’s saliva goes deep inside the lower skin. This act will cause symptoms to say for more days. The symptoms of chigger bites would not be easy to handle and sometimes, the person has to run to the medical.

Why Do Chigger Bites Last This Long?

The chigger’s saliva can enter into the lowest layer of the skin. This can be the main reason to hold the symptoms for 1 to 2 weeks. Some people may not recognize the signs of chigger bites. Many people take chigger bites as the normal blisters and pimples. It’s vital to diagnose the chigger bites at the initial stage. This would help in an after recovery period.

Chigger bites are harmless and would not spread any diseases to your body. Many people don’t pay attention to chigger bites, as they think they won’t harm their bodies. Everybody should try to treat the trigger bites with the help of some home remedies.

Every person affected with chigger bites can treat it with the help of the following remedies:
Try to scrub the red bumps (caused by chigger bites) to take out or clean any chigger’s saliva present inside. Use a mild skin suitable soap (medicated one) as prescribed by an expert.

Cold press techniques may work for reducing the pain. The person can use ice or cool towels to keep it over the red bumps for a few minutes every day.

Use of anti-itching medicated creams is allowed. People can use calamine lotion or any other cream that would help in reducing the itching pain. It’s always better to ask the doctor about the best anti-itching cream suitable for the skin.


Chigger buds are quite painful if the intensity of the bite would be huge. Trying remedies or medication would help in speedy recovery from chigger bites. The bites of chiggers are not in the contagious category.


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