How Long Is A Person Speaker Of The House (And Why)?

Exact Answer: For two years

The Speaker of the House is referred to as the person who would speak on behalf of the ruling house. The ruling house refers to the United States House of Representatives. The Speaker has to fulfill many duties and responsibilities. He leads the house politically and in parliament. Apart from this, he even presides over the meetings.

The party which holds the support of the majority is chosen as the ruling party. The leader of the ruling party is appointed as the Speaker. He is even known to lead the institution in administrative matters. This means that all the important decisions of the House are taken by the Speaker.

How Long Is A Person Speaker Of The House

How Long Is A Person Speaker Of The House?

Exact time2 years
Average time2 years

The major responsibility of the Speaker is to represent at meetings of the House. However, he doesn’t have the privilege to participate in debates in the house. This duty is given to other members of the ruling party. In the sequence of succession and power, the Vice President tops the list. He/she is followed by the Speaker. A person can be appointed as a speaker as many times he/she wins the support of people.

Nancy Pelosi has been in office for about 4 years. The speaker is nominated by the general process of elections. The responsibility is given to the House to conduct elections. The Speaker is said to the emblem of power and authority. Various legislative proposals are even launched by the Speaker. The Speaker is the person who is the most respected in the House. They account for the decisions and actions taken in the legislative field.

The Speaker has many other functions too. Another important function is that he/she should handle the business matters. He/she should even handle the debates in the houses. The main motive of the speaker should be to benefit the legislature of the house. However, the interests of the people shouldn’t be ignored. He/she may find it difficult to manage all these tasks altogether. However, with proper dedication and compliance with rules, the task is easy.

Speaker Of The House

In short, one can say that all the actions of the House are maintained by the Speaker. The Speaker should be loyal to the House. His/her priorities should include the majority of the house. He/she should bind federalism with national politics. However, the Speaker’s tenure is for 2 years.

Why Is A Person Speaker Of The House For So Long?

Before stepping into the office, the Speaker should take an oath. The oath should be taken in the presence of a member who has served the House for the longest time. He/she tries to maintain decorum during every meeting. He/she also has to choose members who would speak on behalf of the House. The remainder of pending decisions and businesses is the Speaker’s duty. He/she also has to look over the decisions taken by the members. Along with this, he/she even has to appoint other high officials of the House.

The Speaker has to be very decisive. This is because there will be times where multiple people would like to voice their opinions. But, he/she has to choose only a few. Therefore, the Speaker needs to have the skill of taking quick decisions. The Speaker has to abide by the rules of the Constitution. He/she even must look at whether other members reciprocate the same behavior or not. He/she even has control of the House. He/she has to appoint members for various other offices and commissions. These powers are the electoral powers of the Speaker.

Speaker Of The House

Along with various functions of the House, the Speaker even has to lead his/her party. All the major assignments of the party are to be guided by the Speaker. He/she has the power to nominate members for other positions of the House. The position of a speaker is very high. All the leaders of the party desire to be. However, the people of the nation decide the ruling party. The party should have a history of deeds for the common man. This would help the leader of the party to become the Speaker.


A Speaker has to stick to deadlines in his/her task. However, the Speaker should ensure the support of the majority. If he/she can do so, then the next elections would be won by him. Being a speaker is not easy. One has to fulfill the requirements of the position. Working diligently with proper discipline is even mandatory.

The Speaker has to decide many key decisions. The important discussions of the house are handled by the Speaker. The house has to look up to the Speaker. Along with power, the Speaker even has to be dutiful. Besides all the various functions, the Speaker even has to act as a member of the house. He/she should abide by rules thereby completing all his/her tasks.


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