How Long Does An Executor Have To Sell A House (And Why)?

Exact Answer: No Fixed Time

There is no such fixed time limit for selling the house by an executor. Selling the house is a very important job that all the executors may have to do. The administration of the estate or any property should be done according to the laws. All the creditors of the descendant are supposed to get paid from the estate.

The share of the balance of all the beneficiaries should be received from the estate. The executor may sell a house in six or 12 months. There are many obligations of the executor before selling the house. The executor needs to interpret the will of the deceased person before selling the property.

The distribution of the property of the deceased should be done properly before selling any specific house. The executor should make sure all the beneficiaries get their shares before selling any house or property.

How Long Does An Executor Have To Sell A House

How Long Does An Executor Have To Sell A House?

Executor To Sell A HouseTime
In yearsNo limit
In monthsNo limit

The conflict of interest may be high if there are many beneficiaries at one time. The executor should take all the decisions keeping the laws of the state into consideration. In many cases, the executor may become the beneficiary. Therefore, the executor should be careful about their acts and decisions.

If the executor is not able to do the distribution of shares between the beneficiaries in the correct manner, then the executor should be changed. As there should not be any risk of conflict between the beneficiaries because of any decisions taken by the executor.

The local probate laws would not be the same for all the states. Therefore, people should try to find an expert in the legal field to help get more knowledge about the house selling laws. The executor should keep the list of all the estates ready before selling the house.

The executor should draw up an inventory of the house or any other asset that is disposed of or sold. The expense management of all the properties should be done by the executor before the property is disposed of or sold.

The executor should make sure that the house, if not sold by the executor should be safe and free from any illegal activities. From securing all valuables to changing the locks whenever required, the executor should take all the responsibilities of the property or house.

Why Does An Executor Have To Sell A House For This Long?

There are many factors that would affect the time period for selling a house by the executor. Probate is a very important concept that every executor should have good knowledge about. The timeline for selling the house would get affected by the type of executor. It’s important to know if the executor is a beneficiary or not.

If the person before death gives the house to the person and makes him the executor. Then the executors under probate in the probate court can transfer the house to their names. If the will has any specific instructions for selling the house, then the executor should follow all the terms and conditions mentioned in the will.

It’s important for the executor to take permission from the probate court before selling the house if any terms are mentioned in the will. The house or property should be put on the market for sale if the will mandates the selling of the house by the executor.

From filing the will with a probate court to receiving the proceeds, the executor needs to follow many steps. The executor should not skip getting a contract and listing the house for sale. After the executor gets approval from the court, then the executor can close the sale with the help of the executor’s deed.


The executor can sell the house by following all the rules and regulations of the court or any other concerned authority. The rules and regulations may vary depending on the state. After the court approves the sale, then the executor can sell the house according to convenience.

No executor should sell the house without taking the approval of the court as this would not be acceptable by the law. The executor needs to understand each and everything mentioned as some wills may have other terms and conditions.



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