How Long After LTC Class Good For In Texas (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Two Years

LTC stands for License To Carry, and it falls under the category of gun laws put in place by government officials to ensure that an anonymous person can’t buy weapons like guns. The government issues this license, and it allows an individual to carry firearms and ammunition. It is given to civil servants like the police.

A gun is a simple instrument used by criminals to murder other persons, by professional shooters to win their games, and for self-defense by every ordinary person. But, the gun is meant to destroy anything which falls in the path to its target. Therefore, a gun is not something that anyone can own, as it can lead to the death of a person.

How Long After LTC Class Good For In

How Long After LTC Class Good For In Texas?

Before an LTC is provided to an individual, they are trained to learn how to use the weapon and when to fire. They are also taught they must not use the weapon until and unless it is crucial. Every individual needs to undergo a training procedure specially developed for persons wishing to carry licensed weapons. During the training, every trainee is taught about the utility of the weapons and the risks involved. They are even taught about how to use the weapon safely. It is the process during which the general information regarding the weapon is provided to the trainees.

Every individual desiring to own and carry a weapon as deadly as a gun must undergo training to get a basic idea about the weapon. The usage of the weapon is even taught during the training. Hence, the training is essential. Not every one of us can own a licensed weapon. If there had been such provisions, then the number of murder cases would have increased drastically to uncontrollable levels. This is why specific requirements make one eligible for carrying a licensed weapon.

License To Carry
EventsInformation Regarding The Event
Time Taken To Complete The TrainingOne to two months
Validity Of LicenseTwo years

The training is challenging, and a person not understanding the things being taught won’t pass in training. The training is one to two months long in which all the information related to the use of a weapon is provided. After the training is over, the person gets the license to carry a weapon, which is valid for the next two years.

Why Does It Take That Long After LTC Class For Good In Texas?

However, if a person wishes to go for the training only for self-defense, he can also go for personal training. The training ends with a certificate that ensures that the individual has sufficient knowledge to carry the weapon. The training certificate remains valid only for three years, after which it has to be renewed again. After having the training certificate, one needs to fill the application form and submit it to the issuing authority.

After submitting the form, there may be a formal performance round which the trainee has to go through. On performing well in this round, the license is approved. The entire process takes a long time. It depends on the country where one wishes to get a license and on the desired weapon. Different countries have different eligibility criteria. While some of them are too strict, some of them are too lenient. The minimum training which every trainee should have is the primary safety course on guns. There are essential eligibility criteria for many states.

License To Carry

It takes that long because issuing a license for a weapon is a big thing, and it can’t be issued to anyone. The government officials ensure that the person is an authorized citizen of the country and has no criminal charges before.


Overall, it can be concluded that the License To Carry is an essential document for any individual who wishes to own a weapon. The training before the issue of the license is the preparatory period. During this preparatory period, it is ensured that the individual has gained enough knowledge to use the weapon for the welfare of society.

On average, the license is valid for two years after it is issued to a person. The process of getting the license is hectic. It involves the testing of skills too. The time taken to get the license is even uncertain. It is different for every country. In some countries, one needs to go through several processes and tests to get the license.


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  1. It seems like a lot of hassle just to carry a weapon for self-defense. I understand the importance of safety, but this process seems overly bureaucratic and lengthy.

    1. I get your point, Greg Thompson. However, the thorough training process ensures that only responsible individuals can carry guns, which contributes to public safety.

  2. If responsible citizens undergo proper training, they should have the right to carry firearms. This process seems excessive.

    1. I understand your viewpoint, Alexa51. However, it’s important to balance individual rights with public safety, and the LTC process aims to achieve this balance.

    2. The length of the process may seem discouraging, but it’s ultimately for the greater good. Proper training and responsibility are crucial when it comes to carrying firearms.

  3. The duration of the process may be discouraging, but it’s a reminder of the significance of responsible firearm ownership and the importance of proper training.

    1. Absolutely, Ewood. Proper training and knowledge are crucial elements in responsible firearm ownership, and the process emphasizes this.

  4. The licensing process is a lot to go through, but the emphasis on safety and proper training is evident. This is vital for ensuring that firearms are handled responsibly.

    1. Indeed, Dominic73. The stringent process may act as a deterrent for irresponsible individuals, which ultimately contributes to public safety.

    2. Absolutely, Dominic73. It’s necessary to prioritize safety and knowledge when it comes to owning and carrying firearms.

  5. I appreciate the clarity provided in this article regarding the lengthy process of obtaining an LTC. It truly emphasizes the significance of responsible gun ownership.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Lisa Cox. It’s crucial for individuals to understand the weight of responsibility that comes with owning and carrying a firearm.

  6. This article provides a comprehensive understanding of the LTC process. Thanks for shedding light on this lesser-known aspect of firearm ownership.

    1. I completely agree, Knight Amanda. It’s important to be well-informed about this topic, especially with the importance of gun safety and ownership.

    2. Absolutely. The more awareness there is about responsible firearm ownership, the better it is for society as a whole.

  7. The stringent licensing process seems unnecessary. Criminals don’t follow the process and still manage to obtain firearms illegally. This only hinders law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves.

    1. While it may seem restrictive, Benjamin, the licensing process is designed to prevent unqualified individuals from carrying firearms, which ultimately contributes to reducing crime rates.

  8. This is very informative and well-structured information about obtaining a License To Carry. It’s crucial for gun owners to understand the process and the responsibilities that come with it. The training period seems necessary for public safety.

    1. I totally agree with you, Julie62. Safety and proper training are paramount when it comes to having the privilege to carry a weapon.

  9. Can anybody clarify the minimum age requirements for obtaining an LTC? It’s crucial for potential applicants to have clarity on this.

    1. In Texas, applicants must be at least 21 years old to apply for an LTC. This is a standard requirement in many states as well.

  10. The extensive training period and certification necessary for an LTC might deter some individuals from going through the process. However, it’s reassuring to know that the government is taking necessary precautions.

    1. Agreed, Bcarter. While it may seem daunting, the process is designed to minimize the risks associated with firearm ownership.

    2. I understand your concerns, Bcarter. At the same time, the thorough process ensures that only qualified and responsible individuals can carry firearms, which is essential for public safety.

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