How Long is Bioshock 2 (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 11 hours

Who doesn’t like playing video games? And we can say that BioShock 2 is the most popular game among video game lovers.

The game BioShock 2 is the sequel, which is a captivating story of the underwater metropolis. It involves first-person shooter combat and intense multiplayer. This game can be played on various video game platforms like Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, etc.

The story of this sequel is set after 10 years from the events of the first BioShock. In this sequel the prototype, Big Daddy is out on the quest in the dangerous yet beautiful fallen undersea city of Rapture, chasing an unknown foe for finding the answer and reuniting with his sister, Eleanor. But how long does it take to finish all of these quests?

How Long is Bioshock 2

How Long is Bioshock 2?

PlatformGame Time
Nintendo Switch9 hours 35 minutes
PC10 hours 47 minutes
PlayStation 311 hours 55 minutes
PlayStation 410 hours 31 minutes
Xbox 36012 hours 7 minutes
Xbox One10 hours 53 minutes

Normally it takes 11 hours for a person to complete only the main story of BioShock 2. But it may further differ from player to player. The time also depends on whether the player has completed the game by playing only the main story, or with extras as well. The game in difficulty mode is also likely to affect the game time. If you’re playing in difficulty mode, then it will take about 13 hours for you to complete the game.

Which platform you’re using for playing the game, also affects the game time. The time mentioned above in the table is what you’ll take to complete only the main story of BioShock 2. But if you are playing the main story with extras, then it’ll take much more time.

If you’re using Nintendo Switch, then it will take about 14 hours 41 minutes. In PC, you’ll need almost 14 hours and 50 minutes. For PlayStation 3, it’s 14 hours 58 minutes and for PlayStation 4, it’ll be 14 hours 49 minutes. For Xbox 360 and Xbox One, it’ll take 15 hours 6 minutes, and 13 hours 19 minutes, respectively.

Two of the additional content of the game includes Protector Trials and Minerva’s Den. If playing with per of this additional content, it’ll take 1 hour for Protector Trials and 4 hours for Minerva’s Den, to complete only the main story. If playing the main story and the extras, it’ll be 2 hours for Protector Trials and 4 hours for Minerva’s Den.

Why is Bioshock 2 That Long?

As mentioned before, how long it’ll take for you to finish BioShock 2 all depends on how you play the game, i.e., only the main story or with extras, and additional content.

Just like the first game, players can purchase extra upgrades and power-ups. Thus, finding all these upgrade stations and gathering enough ADAM for it will take almost 4 hours, which results in an average of 14 hours 30 minutes to complete the story. BioShock 2 also includes audio diaries and finding all these diaries take a lot of your time. There are 129 diaries, which takes 8 hours to find, i.e., 22 hours to complete the story, including the extra upgrades.

As mentioned before, this game also includes downloaded content, which is Protector Trials and Minerva’s Den. This content allows players to explore undiscovered parts of the city, and these stories are not that related to the main story. Exploring both of these contents takes almost 7 hours. Thus, it takes almost 29 hours to complete the whole story with all the extras mentioned above.

BioShock 2 includes 9 different locations. If the player wishes to explore all these locations at 100%, then it will add up the time to complete the game. It’ll take about 4-5 extra hours. Many players wish to achieve the platinum trophy, but you can only get the trophy when you have played the game for 20 hours. This game also includes a challenge room where you’ll cope with opponents under the pressure of limited time, which also adds several hours to the game.


Thus, the game time is going to differ from player to player, by how, on which platform, and what all he plays. If one is addicted to the game and is good at it, then he’ll a lot lesser time as compared to others. And if one wishes to play the game with all the extras, additional contents, and playstyles, then he’ll need a lot more time to complete.

But if you wish to finish the main story at the earliest, then you can omit all the extras. It doesn’t make much of a difference to the main story. But the video game lovers will suggest you play the story with every extra, and additional content, as it’ll add more fun to the game.


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