How Long to Beat Octopath Traveler Game – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About 50-60 hours

There are eight different paths available to beat the Octopath Traveler game. Knowing how long it takes to beat this game will highly depend on your gameplay.

This game features eight different characters with a different storyline, which you will have to complete in a non-linear fashion. This means that you could experience more than a typical JRPG. Various factors affect the time taken to beat Octopath Traveler.

Therefore, in this article, we shall go through how long to beat Octopath Traveler game.

How Long to Beat Octopath Traveler Game

How long it takes to beat Octopath Traveler game?

For you to conquer Octopath Traveler’s main story, you will have to take all the eight playable characters available in the game along with their storyline. To beat this game will require seeing through all the respective chapters available through the entire game.

Furthermore, your gameplay will profoundly affect the time taken to conquer this game. However, that might not be all; some character among the eight available in the game features other main stories that you will have to conquer before proceeding with the play.

Completing Octopath Traveler’s main story will take you approximately 50 to 60 hours of gameplay. The duration is taken to conquer the main story and does not include the sidequests.

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There are plenty of sidequests available in the Octopath Traveler game. When added to the main story, conquering Octopath will take you approximately 80 to 100 hours of gameplay.

Why does it take that long to beat the Octopath Traveler game?

Octopath Traveler game was designed for individuals who love playing games with long main stories. As a player who loves playing games with short, long stories, you will be disadvantaged in playing the Octopath Traveler game.

The time taken to conquer the Octopath Traveler game depends highly on your gameplay, as previously mentioned. When playing through the main story, you will have short gameplay of approximately 50 to 60 hours.

However, when playing the main story along with all the sidequest, you will take around 80 to 100 hours of gameplay to conquer this game.

What you should note before playing Octopath Traveler game?

There are some few aspects you will need to know before starting playing Octopath Traveler game such as;

• The first character you choose is permanent. When you begin playing Octopath Traveler, you should note that the first character you want will be the main protagonist. You will be able to choose to start with any of the eight characters at the beginning of the game.

Nevertheless, the character you end up with will always be a core member of our party. When exploring the game, you will be coming across the other seven characters, and you will be able to add them to your party as the game continues.

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• Buy a few affordable upgrades. You can upgrade your character immediately with just thrifty spending. During this time, you should consider purchasing cheap weapons and upgrading your armor.


Octopath Traveler is an incredible game designed for gamers who love games with the long main storyline. To enjoy this game entirely, you should consider playing the main story along with the sidequests available.

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  1. 50-60 hours for the main story is quite substantial. Not sure if I have that kind of time to invest in a single game, although the game’s design sounds intriguing.

    1. I agree, Tjames. The length of time required to beat the game is a bit daunting. It would be helpful to know more about how engaging the storylines are to justify the time investment.

  2. The main story and sidequests combined could take around 80-100 hours? That’s impressive, but also a bit overwhelming. Will definitely have to plan this out if I’m considering playing Octopath Traveler.

    1. I’m personally thrilled about the extensive gameplay. It’s challenging to find games that offer such a significant amount of content, but it’s also essential that quality isn’t sacrificed for quantity.

    2. Absolutely, Davies Connor. It’s essential to have an idea of the time commitment involved in advance. I’m curious to learn more about the structure and depth of the sidequests.

  3. The article effectively outlines the challenges and rewards of playing Octopath Traveler. It’s insightful to learn about the game’s design and the time investment required.

    1. Absolutely, Hunt Gavin. The article provides a thorough understanding of what to expect from this game, which is quite valuable for potential players.

  4. The article effectively highlights the game’s design and the time commitment required, providing a comprehensive perspective for potential players.

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  5. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the different paths and game lengths for Octopath Traveler. It seems like a game suited for players who enjoy long, immersive stories. Looking forward to trying it out.

    1. Absolutely, Darren93! I appreciate the detailed analysis provided here. It’s good to be aware of what we’re getting into before starting the game.

  6. I didn’t realize the game had such a long main storyline along with extensive sidequests. It looks like a game that offers a lot of value for its players.

    1. Indeed, Evans Beth. The substantial amount of gameplay content seems promising for those seeking an in-depth gaming experience. It’s certainly intriguing.

  7. The prospect of exploring all eight characters and their storylines is quite exciting. It definitely adds depth and variety to the gameplay experience.

    1. I agree, Adrian Scott. This approach creates a multi-layered and immersive gaming experience that would be captivating for players looking for a substantial narrative journey.

    2. Indeed, Adrian Scott. The game’s non-linear fashion seems like a unique and compelling approach to storytelling, providing different perspectives and narratives.

  8. Considering the length of time required to beat this game, it might be worth waiting for a time when I can fully dedicate myself to it. Thanks for sharing the details!

  9. I appreciate the tips provided here. Knowing about the permanent first character and the affordable upgrades will definitely help in planning the gameplay effectively.

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    2. Thanks for highlighting these essential details, Jodie Roberts. It’s useful information for those considering playing Octopath Traveler.

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    1. I agree, Shaw Pete. Understanding the gameplay mechanics and character dynamics in advance is beneficial for players preparing to embark on this adventure.

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