How Long to Beat Layers of Fear (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3-4 Hours

Want to play an addictive game of the horror genre? Then go for “Layers of Fear”. It’s not just any horror game, but a psychological horror game, where it puts you in the mind of a mad painter. This game was developed by Bloober Team and was released in February 2016.

In this game, the player goes deep into the mind of a mad painter and is supposed to find out the reason for his madness, while walking through a shifting house simultaneously. This game includes three different endings, thus giving the player a choice to choose one of the endings. The player plays 6 chapters throughout the story, before facing one of the three endings.

This game also includes an additional content named “Inheritance”, in which the player is exposed to the story of the mad painter’s daughter. But how long will it take to beat the storyline of this game along with the provided extras and additional content?

How Long to Beat Layers of Fear

How Long to Beat Layers of Fear?

PlatformGame time
Nintendo Switch3 hours 46 minutes
PC3 hours 26 minutes
PlayStation 43 hours 31 minutes
PlayStation 52 hours 32 minutes
Xbox One3 hours 42 minutes

Although it takes an average of 3-4 hours, the game time depends on how and where the player plays it. The game, Layers of Fear, includes a total of 6 chapters and one additional content. If the game is played with a 100% walkthrough, then it also affects the time spent to beat layers of fear.

Layers of Fear can be played on various platforms like Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, etc. The table mentioned above tells us the time each of these platforms takes to complete only the main story of ‘Layers of Fear’. If the main story is played along with all the extras, then it’ll take a longer time to beat this game.

To beat the game along with extras, take an average of 4 hours 45 minutes. But it may differ from platform to platform, and player to player. If you’re using Nintendo Switch, it’ll take almost 5 hours 52 minutes and if you’re using a PC to play this game, then you’ll need 4 hours 36 minutes to beat the game. For PlayStation 4, it’ll be 4 hours 41 minutes, and for Xbox One, it’ll be 5 hours 17 minutes.

If you’re playing the game with the additional content of ‘Inheritance’, you’ll need 1 hour 13 minutes to complete only the main story, and 1 hour 32 minutes, when playing along with the extras. Also, if the player wishes to have a 100% walkthrough, then he would have to spend some more time to complete this game. It takes almost 8-9 hours for the player to finish this game.

Why does it Take That Long to Beat Layers of Fear?

As the game “Layers of Fear” have 6 chapters, the player is supposed to find different objects in each chapter to complete the given missions. If the player is too good at the game and is too engrossed in it, then he can finish up the game in about 4 hours (main story along with the extras and additional content), but if he wishes to play leisurely, then he will take almost 10 hours to beat the game (without 100% walkthrough).

The additional content, Inheritance, expands the plot of the main story. Although playing this content results in an extended game period, most players prefer playing as it just adds more fun to the game. If you’re using Nintendo Switch, it takes 1 hour 13 minutes, and if PC, then it takes 1 hour 11 minutes. For PlayStation 4, it will take 1 hour 32 minutes, and for Xbox One, it takes 1 hour 12 minutes.

This game has in total of 18 achievements which helps in increasing the game score. Achieving all of these take a lot of time, as there are some which cannot be achieved in one playthrough. You will have to spend lots of time to find out the solution. It takes almost 8-9 hours to complete them all. And the achievements in the additional content, Inheritance, take almost 3-4 hours to complete.

As this game includes three different endings, the game time is likely to get affected according to that particular ending. It is also possible for the players to enjoy unlocking and playing all of these endings.


In the game “Layers of Fear”, the player finds out about the obsession and alcoholism of the painter which affects his relationships with wife and daughter and also damages his career. The three endings of this game include the “loop” ending, the “self-portrait” ending, and the “family” ending.

Thus, how long it will take to beat the game depends on you. The extras and the additional content don’t affect the storyline much, so it’s okay if you omit them. But most of the players think that, no matter how much time it takes, what’s more, important is to fully enjoy the game without leaving anything behind.


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