How Long Has Tom Brady Been In The NFL (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 21 Years

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is an American footballer who has been associated with the NFL or the National Football League for the past twenty-one years. The National Football League comprises 32 teams and is a professional American football playing league. These 32 teams are further equally divided into National Football Conference and American Football Conference.

Thomas Brady Jr. was born on the third of August, 1977 to Thomas Brady Jr. and Galynn Patricia. Brady was interested in football since his school days. He has been married to Gisele Bundchen and though he is forty-four years of age, he is still a winning player for his team.

How Long Has Tom Brady Been In The NFL

How Long Has Tom Brady Been In The NFL?

National Football League TeamTime Played For
New England Patriots19 Years
Tampa Bay Buccaneers2 Years (As in 2021)

The sporting career of Tom Brady Jr. has been long and fabulous. He has been able to bring several laurels to either football leagues he has been associated with. His playing track record is marked with many records as a star quarterback.

However, in his professional career of over twenty-one years and plus, Tom has only been associated with two football leagues. Thus, Brady’s football career can be divided into two phases based on this. Phase I is his football career in association with New England Patriots while his second and current phase is related to the Tempa Bay Buccaneers.

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Tom Bray was signed by the New England Patriots in round six of the 2000 NFL draft. Since then, he played for this team for nearly twenty seasons bringing his team several wins. Tom was injured in the 2008 NFL session and the ‘Deflategate’ took a toll in the 2015 NFL session. He was separated from New England Patriots as Tom decided to move on with a new football team.

In a move that would surely surprise his fans, Mr. Brady signed a contract with the Tempa Bay Buccaneers in 2020. He has been associated with this football team for two years now and continues to play for it. Tom plays for this team with the same zeal and enthusiasm and is ready to bring new glories.

Why Has Tom Brady Been In The NFL That Long?

Thomas Patrick Brady Jr. has been a fantastic football player. He has been a player who has repeatedly shown his skills on the field and played with a winning spirit, irrespective of the team he has been associated with. It is for these qualities, he is regarded as a great player and respected among all the footballer fans, across the globe.

Tom Brady carries the position of reserve quarterback in the game. As the star quarterback of his team, he has been able to win many matches. He has played and won most of the games as a quarterback in the history of the National Football League.

The immense sporting skills possessed by Tom are evident from the following statistics. Brady has won the title of Super Bowl champion seven times in his career. Out of this, he had won six titles for New England Patriots and one for the Tempa Bay Buccaneers.

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In addition to that, Tom Brady has also been named as the Most Valuable Player of the Super Bowl five times and of the NFL three times. Brady has also earned the position of NFL passing touchdowns leader four times. Moreover, his continued stamina and vigour are further highlighted by the fact that he is a fourteen-time Pro Bowl.


At the age of forty-four, Tom Brady is one of the oldest players to ever play in the National Football League. His strength and vigour may make a person doubt his age. He has been playing in the NFL for near twenty-one years, out of which he has played for New England Patriots for nineteen years and Tempa Bay Buccaneers for two years and counting.

Tom Brady has been a legendary player with great skills and playing techniques. His track record is undeterred by his age and continues to confuse people.


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