How Long Is Detroit Become Human (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10-11 Hours

Detroit: Become Human is an adventurous video game that was released in 2018. The game follows the plot of three androids: Kara, Connor, and Markus. The three main characters have three different stories. Kara escapes her owner to explore the newfound sentience and protect a young girl. Connor has to hunt down sentience. Markus releases other androids from servitude.

The game was primarily released for PlayStation 4 but is now available for Microsoft Windows too. In the game, Markus who is the caretaker comes back home and alerts the police about a burglary that has been suspected in the neighborhood. But in the process, Markus becomes a deviant android with full autonomy and leads the police to the conclusion to shoot him.


How Long Is Detroit Become Human?

Main Story12 Hours
PlayStation11 Hours
PC12 Hours

Detroit: Become Human is played from the third-person’s perspective. The game has multiple characters who die within the story. The DualShock analog controller is used to interact with objects and observe the surroundings. The story tests the players’ quick time decision-making and taken other turns from there. The story branches out on the decisions taken while playing the game. The player can also travel back and reset their decisions.

The main three characters are linked together and play with relation to each other. Using clues and augmented reality Connor reconstructs and replays events in an innovative manner. The more information and data that is collected by the character Connor, the more chances are there for success in the game. Markus can grant free wills and calculate the outcomes.

Markus after escaping from the police awakes in a broken landfill and discovers Jerico, a broken old ship and safe heaven for deviants. Markus also motivates the other deviants to fight for their rights. The group along with Markus performs tasks that attract others and provokes them to join in. If the agenda survives, Markus and others go down for march and in a war breaking out. If not, then the game ends with the Presidents’ peace talks.

Connor who is a police investigator is sent to assist Lieutenant Hank Anderson. In the duration of the investigation, the treaties are formed resulting in Hank’s suicide. Connor finds Jerico but if he gets defected, he would convert all androids to deviants. If Connor is not capable of doing this, he tries snipping Markus off leading to further two different choices in the game.

Why Is Detroit Become Human This Long?

The game Detroit: Become Human comes with a large number of choices while playing the game. These choices directly affect the further development of the plot and characters in the game. These choices are difficult to make and hence it takes time for the player to move ahead with the game. These choices get difficult with the progress of the story. It can also decide whether your character will win or lose the game.

Kara is the housekeeper who escapes with Alice but Todd, the father of the child attacks them and leaves Kara as deviant. The two then try to enter Canada as deviant as that country has no laws. Kara and Alive also find another android Luther who further joins them on the journey. The two fight for their survival in the game but the choices and the twisted plots end up them dying.

The players who wish to go through the story once and be done can complete the story within eight to ten hours. The players who wish to complete the story fully can even spend a total of 40 hours finishing the game. All this majorly depends on the choices you make while playing the game.


Detroit: Become Human can take up to 15 hours to complete properly. The duration one spends on the game is majorly affected by the choices one makes within the game. With different choices, the impact and play of the game can change. There are many parts that are pre-decided in the games but most of the decisions have to be taken by the player itself. This improves the decision-making but increases the duration of completing the game. As mentioned, the game can also take up to 40 hours if played properly.


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