How Long Is YouTube TV Free Trial (And Why)?

How Long Is YouTube TV Free Trial (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 7 Days

Many streaming services offer live TV services in the United States Of America. YouTube TV, Hulu TV, Sling TV, and Playstation Vue are some of the popular applications that offer live TV services. However, to attract new customers and increase market reach, many of them nowadays, tend to offer a free trial for a certain period.

YouTube TV is one such application that offers a free trial of its live TV services. The streaming site, popular for its short video content, also offers live streaming of more than 85 live channels. A user also has the option to record and store as many programs and shows them as the user wishes.

How Long Is YouTube TV Free Trial?

YouTube TV Free Trial SchemeTrial Period
Ideal Year-round trial period7 days
Routine promotions period14 days
Occasional trial period21 days
Special partnerships promotion period30 days

YouTube TV free trial period is not fixed and constant, rather it is flexible. YouTube offers various durations of free tv trials periods under its various scheme heads. Some of these are all year round, some periodical while some are occasional and special.

A 7-day free trial is the most common offered by YouTube TV and is operational all year round. Moreover, the majority of streaming services in the United States offer the same number of trial days. A free trial period of 7 days is the most sought scheme by streaming firms.

Apart from the whole year 7 day period, YouTube TV also offers extended free trial periods. Such extended periods reach 14 days. This is a pretty good timespan where a user can avail of the services without incurring a penny.

It may also happen occasionally, that the extended period is well beyond 14 days, 21 days. For instance, a suitable example would be the 21-day free trial offered in December of 2020.

In addition to this, there can also be certain schemes that are launched in association with certain other business entities. Such partnerships are launched keeping in mind mutual benefits for both companies. A similar type of partnership was floated in 2019 with Verizon and it offered a free trial period of 30 days.

Why Is YouTube TV Free Trial That Long?

A YouTube free trial is of great significance. It costs the company many thousand dollars. Thus, the resultant free trial period should be ideal and perfectly suited to the needs of users and the business interests of the company.

A free trial period should be reasonably large to enable the prospective buyer of the service to properly understand the importance of the service. This should make the user comfortable with the features and the services that would be provided to them once they opt to pay for them. A customer who is well versed with the product and induced to buy it is the targeted result of the free trial.

However, the free trial period offered by YouTube TV should also be not that large that it may cause financial losses to the company. Producing any goods or services is the result of any firm and the firm incurs a considerable amount of money to do so.

Offering free services for a long time would cost the company its coffers without any income from that. On the contrary, offering it for a very short period might be of very little use to the prospective buyer.

In such a case, offering a free trial period of a week is the best thing to do. It would help the customer to know all the features of the services without costing too much strain on the company’s resources.


YouTube TV free trial is offered for 6 days. However, if the company wishes, it can be extended. In past, the free trial has been extended for 14, 21 and 30 days.

YouTube TV free trial is quite helpful for the prospective buyer in knowing the features and benefits of the service. It helps the user to get well versed with the benefits of live TV they would be receiving.


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