How Long Will it Take to Beat Fire Emblem Three Houses (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 40 to 240 hours

Originally launched in 2019, Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a renowned video game designed for tactical role-play. It was ideated and developed as a part of the Fire Emblem series. It has gained acclaim over the years for an enticing plot and multiple adventurous side quests. The game was marketed globally by the gaming giant, Nintendo.  

Set on the fictitious continent of Fódlan, each player is expected to embody the role of Byleth-the new professor at the Garreg March Monastery Academy- and guide the students of a particular class in the academy through various combative struggles. The entire plot of the game is pivoted around fantasy war campaigns.

How Long Will it Take to Beat Fire Emblem Three Houses

How Long to Beat Fire Emblem Three Houses

The time taken to complete a video game is contingent on a number of variegated factors. The gaming style of an individual is important in prolonging or truncating the total number of hours taken to beat a game. Moreover, according to the logic of the game, the average time taken by a player is calculated for defeating just one of the three houses.

For a ’credits roll’ player, it would take around 40 hours to complete the entire quest offered by Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This is indicative of the time taken by the player to conquer only one of the three houses in the game. To vanquish all three houses, the player will need a total of 120 hours. This is the minimum time needed to complete the game when solely focusing on the central storyline of the narrative.

The ‘intermediary’ player will succeed in completing the game in a matter of over 72 hours as the strategy followed by the player is a mixture of certain elements from the two opposite extremes of the gaming spectrum. Over a total of 216 hours will be needed by an ‘intermediary’ player to defeat all three houses.

The ‘completionist’ gamer lies on the opposite end of the gaming spectrum. For such a player completing the game will take a longer duration of time. He will be able to defeat the first house within a whopping time frame of 80 hours. This implies that to conquer all three houses, a ‘completionist’ would need at least 240 hours of gaming time.

In Summary:                                                                                                                         

Gaming StyleTime Taken to Beat One HouseTime Taken to Beat All Three Houses
Credits Roll Players40 hours120 hours
Intermediary PlayersOver 72 hoursOver 216 hours
Completionist Players80 hours240 hours

Why Does it Take This Long to Beat Fire Emblem Three Houses?

The ‘credits roll’ player intends to play the video game in a streamlined manner, by solely focusing on the main quest of the narrative. Concentration is centered on exploring the monastery, mixing battles, etc. The various side-quests of the game are willfully negated. Thus, such a player is able to complete the game within a considerably shorter period of time. The minimum time needed to achieve this feat will be 40 hours for a single house and 120 hours for all three houses.

Alternatively, an ‘intermediary’ player will pursue the main narrative of the game, while also selectively opting for the various side quests. Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers a number of exciting side quests like hosting seminars, side battles for resources, etc. A substantial amount of time is taken to fulfill these side quests. Therefore, gamers pursuing these elective paths will take a longer time to complete the entire game.

A ‘completionist’ is not satisfied with the exploration of just a few side narratives. He is dedicated to completing not simply the overt storyline of the game but also invests time and effort in completing all the side quests the game has to offer. Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a variegated list of things to explore including the primary grid-based battles and the myriad additional complementary narratives.

To beat all these storylines in all three houses takes a considerable amount of time. Thus, a fast-paced ‘completionist’ gamer will be able to finish Fire Emblem: Three Houses in a matter of 240 hours.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a revered game worldwide. This strategic, turn-based game has achieved several notable accolades from both gaming forums and individual gamers. The unique and engaging storylines of the game captivate the players. The multilayered aspects of the game have enticed gamers.

Completing the game is quite a lengthy process. The multiple side quests of the game, coupled with a detailed storyline, accentuate the time taken to beat the game. For a fast-paced gamer, the minimum time taken to completely vanquish the game will be 120 hours, while for the extreme completionist the total will amount to 240 hours.


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